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  1. Benefits of Installing New Patio Doors
  2. How Long It Takes to Install a Patio Door in Des Plaines
  3. Patio Door Installation Pricing
  4. Patio Door Financing Options for Homeowners in Des Plaines
  5. Lifetime Labor Warranty on All Patio Door Installations & Replacements
  6. We Also Offer Front Entry Door Installation in Des Plaines
  7. Contact Opal Enterprises for Your Des Plaines Patio Door Installation 

Patio Door Replacement & Installation | Opal Enterprises

Installing new high-quality patio doors can dramatically improve your home’s atmosphere. They’ll bathe your home in sunshine, improve airflow, and create an attractive entry to your outdoor patio, deck, or lawn space. Plus, when you select new patio doors from Andersen®, ProVia®, or Alside® you’ll be able to benefit from:

  • Energy savings
  • Improved security
  • Durable construction
  • Increased home value

The Des Plaines patio door installers at Opal Enterprises will help you design the entryway you’ve always wanted. With all the styles and options we have to offer, you’ll be able to create a truly unique look. Once you’ve customized your dream patio door, our installation pros will make sure it’s put in correctly.

Benefits of Installing New Patio Doors

Investing in door replacement or brand new patio doors will give you a stylish entryway to your home, but that’s not the only upside. There are a number of additional benefits you’ll enjoy once your new doors are in place, including:

Energy Savings

Our patio doors are constructed with superior insulation and high-quality glass, helping you improve your energy savings while reducing outdoor noise pollution. Your newly installed energy-efficient patio doors will boast:

  • Diminished cold and heat transfer. Our patio doors use a spacer system that contracts and expands through temperature fluctuations. 
  • Reduced heat transfer. Our select double-paned glass doors are made with krypton and xenon for less heat transfer and more insulation.
  • Certified energy efficiency. All our energy-efficient doors are approved by Energy Star, so you can be confident that your investment will help you reduce your energy consumption. 
  • UV protection. Our patio doors include a Low-E film coating which reflects the sun’s UV rays away from your house and protects your furniture from sun bleaching.

Security Features to Protect Your Home from Break-Ins

There is no doubt that you would take additional precautions to reinforce your home’s other entry doors, as well as your windows. So, why not add the same level of protection to your new patio door?

In the past, patio doors have offered burglars an easy access point to their victim’s home. To combat breaking and entering, modern patio entryways are built with safety and security in mind. Many doors today include a multi-point locking system, foot locks, steel-reinforced frames, and sensors to prevent home invasion.

Our doors are no different. They come fully equipped with safety features, so you can rest easy knowing your home is secure.

Long-Lasting Materials

Our patio doors available in Des Plaines are beautifully designed and constructed with quality materials that are made to last. We offer a wide selection of composite, vinyl, and fiberglass frames that require little to no maintenance and can withstand years upon years of wear and tear.

We also carry Andersen doors made with a composite material called Fibrex. Fibrex is a fusion of thermoplastic polymer and reclaimed wood that is two times stronger than vinyl and can withstand extreme temperatures. If you choose us for your Des Plaines patio door installation, you can expect a product that’s built to last.

Patio Doors Are Available in Hinged (French) or Sliding Styles

Our installation team can outfit your home with a patio door that fits any function, style, and budget, including:

  • Hinged patio doors. Hinged doors, also known as French doors, are available in outswing or inswing models. These classy doors are as elegant as they are energy efficient, and many come with optional transom and sidelight windows. 
  • Gliding patio doors. Gliding, or sliding glass doors, are opened horizontally on rollers that move along a track. They include a stationary glass panel and an operating glass panel. This patio door model is perfect for smaller spaces or for people who don’t want open doors taking up their patio space.

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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How Long It Takes to Install a Patio Door in Des Plaines

Most patio door installation projects can be completed in less than one day. If you choose to work with Opal Enterprises, we’ll send out a team of experienced Des Plaines patio door installers who have the knowledge it takes to get the job done fast! 

However, some patio door types take longer to install than others. For example, if your new door is extra-large, or if it has three or more panels, you can expect your installation to take a bit longer. 

It’s also more time consuming to install a patio door in a location that doesn’t already have one. Replacing an existing door is just a matter of matching the new door to the current space. But installing a brand-new door will require our team to create an opening and secure the necessary building and permit documents from town officials in Des Plaines.

Patio Door Installation Pricing

The average price for patio door installation nationwide is around $2,000 to $4,000. Although, depending on which door you choose, your bill could be considerably less. The cost of materials varies widely depending on the door’s size and quality, and labor costs also fluctuate based on how long the door takes to install. 

In general, you can expect to pay a higher price to purchase and install patio doors with:

  • A hinged French style, versus sliding doors
  • Larger dimensions or more panels
  • Stronger materials like steel or fiberglass
  • Customizations like an unusual size or shape
  • Dual or triple-pane glass
  • Specialized glass features like artistic touches, texture, or hurricane resistance
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Optional features like grills or integrated blinds
  • Higher quality construction
  • More expensive hardware upgrades

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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Patio Door Financing Options for Homeowners in Des Plaines

We want to make your home improvement experience as easy and stress-free as possible. That’s why we offer a variety of helpful financing options for patio door installations in Des Plaines. We work with industry-leading financing organizations to give you:

  • Long-term financing options
  • 100% unsecured financing with no home equity required
  • Free and easy to complete financing applications
  • Fast credit decisions
  • No closing costs or pre-payment penalties

If you’re interested in financing your patio door installation, you can find all the information you need to apply on our home improvement financing page. There, you’ll find a toll-free number you can call to learn more and get instant financing approval from our friends at EnerBank.

Lifetime Labor Warranty on All Patio Door Installations & Replacements

At Opal Enterprises, we want to make sure you’re absolutely thrilled with your new patio door. That’s why we offer a lifetime labor warranty on all of our installations. If you’re ever dissatisfied with our work, we highly recommend taking advantage of our warranty. To do so, simply fill out a warranty request on our website. 

If you have an issue with the patio door itself, or any other product we’ve installed for you, you’ll have to go through the manufacturer. To file a warranty claim with them, you’ll need the warranty paperwork and contract/invoice our team provided you with on the day of your installation.

We Also Offer Front Entry Door Installation in Des Plaines

At Opal Enterprises, we don’t just specialize in patio door installation. We can also outfit your Des Plaines home with a beautiful new front entry door. Our front doors also come in a variety of styles, are made with long-lasting materials, and can help you save energy.

If you’re interested in replacing your old front door with a stunning new ProVia or Andersen model, one of our team members can help you go over your options. They’ll show you the different styles we offer and inform you about the cost of installation.

Contact Opal Enterprises for Your Des Plaines Patio Door Installation 

Visit one of our showrooms to peruse our wide selection of patio doors from top makers, including Andersen®, ProVia®, or Alside®. All our patio doors are made with durable materials, and any model you choose will instantly improve the safety and look of your home.

To get started on your patio door installation or replacement in Des Plaines, fill out a contact form on our website and an Opal Enterprises representative will schedule your free consultation. After that, we’ll come to your home and help you craft a plan that matches your dreams and your budget.