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  1. Why Use an Opal Exteriors Installer for Your Bow Windows?
  2. Why Install a Bow Window?
  3. Dangers of Installing Bow Windows Yourself
  4. How Does the Install Process Work?
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Bow windows are a curved set of windows that push out beyond your home’s wall. They give tremendous views of the neighborhood and let in a lot of natural light, but they are difficult to install on your own. You need a bow window installer from Opal Enterprises.

The reason they’re called bow windows is that the shape of the windows follow the shape of an archery bow. They have a more elegant curve than the similar bay window, which uses a sharp trapezoidal shape.

Why Use an Opal Exteriors Installer for Your Bow Windows?

Bow windows are huge, heavy, and complicated to install because of the curve they have to follow. If it doesn’t follow a symmetrical line, the install can look crooked. Plus, there’s the risk of not sealing them correctly. That can lead to hidden water damage that can cost thousands.

By using our trained installers, we can get the job done quickly, often in the same day! We have the tools and the training to get them installed safely, even on higher floors. All you have to do is sit back and watch us work.

We also send all of our installers to the window manufacturers to get training on the latest products and installation procedures. We’re so confident in our ability to do the job that our lifetime labor warranty covers you if there are any errors with our installation!

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Why Install a Bow Window?

A bow window creates more space and light in your home, and can create a place to sit down next to the window if there is enough arch. You can create a reading nook or a place to put your houseplants. Some homeowners add storage space underneath the seat with shelves or drawers.

If you have a room that feels cramped but you don’t want to pay for a home addition, a bow window can make it feel much more open and pleasant. More glass means more light and a greater feeling of comfort.

Finally, a bow window can massively improve your curb appeal. Bow windows and their smaller bay window cousins break up a boring flat front into something much more exciting to look at, and this could raise your home’s value! If you’re selling your home, a bow window upgrade could pay for itself and then some.

Dangers of Installing Bow Windows Yourself

Bow windows are usually quite large and heavy. Installing these systems requires a team of people to do it safely, and there are many things that could go wrong. Dropping windows and broken glass is just the start.

Bow windows have a lot of angles where they meet each other and the structure. If these are not sealed properly it’s a sure invite for water infiltration. This will cause your home to rot and bring mold into the home. Poorly sealed windows will also spike your energy bills due to air infiltration.

These windows are so beautiful when done right, and the dangers so high from a poor install, that you should protect your investment by hiring a professional to do the job for you. We have installers in Des Plaines ready to consult with you about your project.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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How Does the Install Process Work?

It starts with a design consultation. Tell us what you want from your bow window and show us the space, and we’ll design a plan that fits your budget and desired aesthetics. Even within the shape, there are so many trim and material options to choose from!

We have bow windows in vinyl, wood, fiberglass, or composite frames from top manufacturers like Andersen, Alside, and Kolbe. For bow windows, choose windows with high energy-efficiency because there is so much exposed glass.

After that, we’ll create a quote and a plan for doing the installation. If you sign off on it, our pro installers will come on the day, do the job, and be out of your hair before you know it. When they leave, you’ll have a bow window you can be proud of and your neighbors will be jealous about!

Contact Opal Exteriors for a Free Bow Window Quote

If you own a home in Des Plaines or anywhere else in our service area, it’s easy to see if a bow window will work for your home. Contact either of Opal’s offices to get a free quote and design consultation.

We’ve been installing windows in Des Plaines for 20 years, from simple single-hung windows to the most complicated setups. We know which options will work best for your home’s look while giving you the light and space you seek from a bow window.

If you are worried about affordability, don’t worry! During your consultation, we can discuss our financing plan we offer to qualified customers.