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Installing a new sliding door in your Naperville home will add an elegant touch to your patio or outdoor space. Your family will love how easy it slides open and closed, and your guests will appreciate the refined and stylish look it gives your entryway.

For your sliding door installation in Naperville, our team can help you choose a door that matches the style of your home and patio area. You’ll be able to customize a sliding door that suits all your aesthetic preferences as well as your budget.

Once the team at Opal Enterprises has helped you create the perfect door, they’ll install it using industry-approved techniques.

Our Installation Team in Naperville Can Help You Customize Your New Sliding Door

When it comes to installing a new sliding door, there are a lot of styles and features to choose from. Our installation team can work with you to customize a sliding door that beautifies your home and helps you reduce your energy consumption.

Here are some of the design elements and add-ons they’ll help you decide on:

  • Door frame. Our sliding door installation specialists will help you choose a frame that matches the look of your Naperville home. We have a variety of frames made of fiberglass, steel, vinyl and wood.
  • Colors and finishes. Choosing the right color and finish for your new sliding door’s frame will help it fit in well with your patio area and the rest of your home. Our team will help you choose from a variety of visually appealing options that are sure to compliment your home’s interior and exterior.
  • Energy-efficiency. Interested in saving some money on your energy bill? Our team can help you create a sliding door with Low-E glass that stops heat transfer in its tracks. All of our eco-friendly options meet EnergyStar’s criteria for energy-efficient doors.
  • Additional features. Our team will also help you select additional features like between-the-glass grills and super sturdy door locks.

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Our Team in Naperville Is Officially Certified to Install ProVia Sliding Doors

We’re proud to say that we’re officially certified to install ProVia sliding doors. That means ProVia trusts our team to follow industry-approved installation techniques when putting in their sliding doors. If you choose to work with our Naperville sliding door installers, you can be confident that your sliding door will be installed flawlessly.

ProVia sliding doors come in a number of attractive styles and are made from durable materials that can withstand years of weathering and regular use. There are also a ton of decorative glass and hardware options to choose from. Once you’ve finished customizing your new ProVia door, you’ll have a beautiful finished product that will keep your home safe.

When to Install a New Sliding Door

If you aren’t familiar with the signs of a deteriorating sliding door, you might not realize when it’s time to install a new one in your Naperville home. Our installation team will look for the following signs of damage to help you decide if it’s time to replace your old sliding door:

  • Drafts. The easiest way to test for drafts is by holding a lit candle near your door. If it flickers, you have a draft that is most likely caused by damaged sealing.
  • Sticking. If your sliding door is hard to open and close, the frame might be sagging. Sagging makes it hard for your door to fit in the frame, and requires you to put a great deal of pressure on the door in order to close it all the way.
  • Leaking. Any evidence of leaking or condensation on or near your door should be cause for concern. Though it may be due to a leaky roof, water intrusion is often caused by damage to your sliding door’s sealing.
  • Visible damage. Visible damage is the most obvious sign that you need a new sliding door. Cracked glass and other damaged parts can pose a serious security threat to you and your family. Luckily, our installation team can set you up with a brand new sliding door that will be sure to protect your home and your family.

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We Offer a Lifetime Labor Warranty on All Our Naperville Sliding Door Installations

At Opal Enterprises, we want to make sure you’re thrilled with your new sliding door. That’s why we offer a lifetime labor warranty on all our installations performed in Naperville. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our installation team’s work, we’ll do everything we can to meet your expectations.

To take advantage of our labor warranty, visit our website and fill out a service request. Once you’ve submitted your request, a representative will contact you to talk about the issue you’re experiencing, and schedule a day for our team to pay you a visit and remedy the situation.

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Opal’s sliding door installation team in Naperville has the experience necessary to give you an amazing finished product. They’ll work closely with you throughout the customization and installation process to make sure you absolutely love your new door.

Contact us or visit our showroom in Naperville to get started on your installation project. We’ll start with a no-obligation consultation to go over your remodeling goals and your target budget. Once we’ve helped you customize a stunning new sliding door, our installation team will make sure it’s installed correctly.

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