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Lifetime Labor Warranty

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As one of the highest-rated, industry leading remodeling companies in Chicagoland, we have a dedicated team who is committed to our standard of excellence. Our focus is to give you a wonderful remodeling experience and bring you absolute peace of mind!  As a community-based contractor, we are always just a call or email away. This is why Opal proudly backs your home with our LIFETIME WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY on your windows and doors that we install!

This warranty covers ANY issues that arise from Opal’s original installation.

This LIFETIME LABOR WARRANTY is EXCLUSIVE to Opal’s original purchasing customer.

This warranty is non-transferable to other home owners of this property.

If any work is done to or around said windows by a non-Opal installer, the warranty could be considered voided.

Questions? Call 847-380-8868 in Des Plaines and 888-676-6725 in Naperville

If Opal elects to replace any or all product(s), and if such product(s) as originally installed are no longer available, Opal shall have the right to substitute product(s) designated by Opal to be of equal quality. Minor color variations may exist between replacement product and the originally installed product and are not indicative of a defective product or a labor defect.

CLAIMS PROCEDURE: If you have any questions or need service, please visit If homeowner has an issue with installation, an online request must be submitted to Opal Enterprises and attach photos for review. An employee from Opal Enterprises will be sent out to check the issue within 14 days of acknowledgement.

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This warranty covers defects as specified herein and does not include material defects. This warranty does not include damage attributable to normal wear and tear, damages caused by accidents, fire, flood, vandalism, accidental breakage by force, or other Acts of God, misuse, mildew, mold, building settlement, structural failure of walls or occurrences beyond Opal’s control are also excluded. General maintenance such as dirty window tracks, debris, and cleaning are not included.

The sole responsibility of Opal under this warranty is stated herein and it shall not be liable for consequential, indirect or incidental damages.

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