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Naperville Sliding Window Installation

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Installing a sliding window in Naperville, IL, is a smart choice for homeowners who want a window that requires little maintenance, provides a great deal of natural light and lowers energy usage. Sliding windows are also ideal for areas that are hard to reach, as they don’t require upward pushing to open.

If a sliding window is right for you, we can help you choose, customize, and install one that elevates your home’s interior and exterior appearance. Our installation specialists are trained to install sliding windows with precision and little interruption to your day. Opal Enterprises will provide a hassle-free window installation that yields a gorgeous finished product.

Advantages of Installing a Sliding Window in Your Naperville Home

Sliding windows generally have larger panes, which allow a significant amount of warm natural light into your home. In addition to their lighting benefits, sliding windows also boast larger openings than other window styles. Their ability to open wider makes sliding windows perfect for ventilating your home and letting in fresh breezes.

Our sliding windows can also be customized to match your home’s interior design, siding, and color palette. If you want to knock off a few bucks from your monthly energy bills, our Naperville team can help you install a sliding window with energy-efficient add-ons like low-E glass and other features that prevent heat transfer.

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Choosing a Material for Your Sliding Window Installation in Naperville

Choosing the right material for your sliding window is an important part of the renovation process. Different window materials have different benefits, so it’s important to learn about the options available to make an informed choice.

We carry a number of different materials for sliding window installations in Naperville, including:


Wooden windows offer natural beauty and warmth that blends perfectly with any household. Our wooden windows come with an exterior layer of aluminum and vinyl to protect against weathering and moisture damage.

The inward-facing side of your window will be pre-stained to reduce your installation time, the amount of fumes in your home, and the possibility of the stain dripping onto other surfaces and objects.


Made from polyvinyl chloride, our vinyl windows are extraordinarily durable and guaranteed to last for a long time. Vinyl also requires little upkeep to stay in great condition and contains properties that prevent corrosion and damage from bad weather. To learn more about the vinyl sliding windows we have available for installation, visit our showroom in Naperville.


Our famous composite window material is a product of our partnership with Andersen Windows. Known as Fiberx®, this composite material is incredibly energy efficient, super strong, and guaranteed to resist moisture damage, rot, flaking, blistering, and corrosion.

If you’re looking for a window that can stand the test of time, consider installing a composite sliding window in your Naperville home.


Fiberglass is an excellent material choice for homeowners who are in the market for a durable window that looks great and doesn’t deteriorate in areas with frequent inclement weather. Installing a fiberglass sliding window is also a good way to prevent heat transfer between your home and the outdoors, which helps reduce energy consumption.

Our Naperville Installation Crew Can Help You Find an Energy-Efficient Sliding Window

Installing a sliding window with energy-efficient features can reduce the amount of energy your Naperville home uses to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our windows come with features like Low-E coatings and double-paned glass. These features work to reduce what transfer, decrease your AC and furnace use, and lower your energy costs.

At Opal Enterprises, our energy-efficient options are certified by EnergyStar. That means you can rest assured knowing that a government-backed third party has verified that our products have the ability to lower your energy usage and help you save money.

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Our Team in Naperville Will Make Sure Your Sliding Window Is Expertly Installed

Our Naperville sliding window installation experts will ensure your new sliding window is installed perfectly. All our installation specialists are trained in industry-approved practices designed to improve your finished product’s functionality and energy efficiency.

Our installation team is quick, effective, and courteous. They’ll perform your installation with little interruption to your day at a time that works with your schedule. If you have any questions about operating or maintaining your new sliding window, they’ll be happy to answer your questions and share their in-depth knowledge of our products.

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Your Sliding Window Installation Will Come With a Lifetime Labor Warranty

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll notice any problems with your sliding window installation, as our Naperville installation specialists pay close attention to detail during every job. However, if you have an issue with our work, we’d love to resolve the problem.

The easiest way to remedy installation errors is to take advantage of our generous lifetime labor warranty. To activate your warranty, simply fill out the warranty request form on our website, and you’ll get the assistance you need.

Financing Plans Available to Sliding Window Installation Customers in Naperville

When you need a new window, waiting until you’ve saved enough money to afford an installation can be difficult. No one wants to spend months dealing with mold, poor ventilation, and reduced energy efficiency just because an installation isn’t possible with their current budget.

That’s why we offer financing options to all our sliding window installation customers in Naperville. Our financing plans are provided in partnership with EnerBank and can help you get the home renovation services you need before your next paycheck!

The financing options we offer come with a number of helpful advantages, such as:

  • No closing costs
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Lightning-fast credit decisions
  • Long-term options
  • Free and easy application process

Schedule Your Sliding Window Installation Appointment With Our Naperville Team

Now that you know more about our options for sliding window installations in Naperville, it’s time to customize your windows and schedule an appointment with our team. We’ll help you make visually appealing, energy-efficient, and practical choices during the customization process.

Once we’ve created a window that meets and exceeds your expectations, our team will ensure it’s installed beautifully so that you can enjoy years of fresh air, beautiful natural light, and amazing energy savings. Contact Opal Enterprises today to take the first step towards your gorgeous new sliding windows.

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