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  1. Why Choose a Sliding Window?
  2. Sliding Window Materials for Your Des Plaines Installation
  3. EnergyStar Windows
  4. Expert Sliding Window Installation in Des Plaines
  5. Finance Your Sliding Window Installation
  6. Schedule Your Sliding Window Installation

When you need window installation services in Des Plaines, why not go with the company that’s been serving the area for 20 years? Opal Enterprises has added sliding window installations across homes in our area. You’ve probably seen our work and never knew it!

We’ve lasted as long as we have because of our outstanding customer service and the high quality of our installation team. When you work with us on a window installation, you’ll be protected by one of the strongest warranties on labor in the area, so even if things went wrong, we’ll make them right on our dime.

Why Choose a Sliding Window?

Sliding windows are low maintenance, let in a lot of natural light, and reduce your energy bills. They’re larger than most other windows, though smaller than picture windows. What sets them apart is their side-to-side sliding between the panes.

This form of window is great for hard-to-reach places where you can’t push up a sash easily. A sliding window’s size makes it great for ventilation. A couple of sliding windows can create a breeze effect high in your home that keeps your air smelling fresh.

Thanks to our connections with major window manufacturers, we can customize your sliding windows to match your interior design, siding, and color pallet. Plus, by using low-E glass to reduce heat transfer, your sliding window can let in light without letting heat pass through.

Sliding Window Materials for Your Des Plaines Installation

After sizing and window type, window material is another important part of your renovation. Different materials have distinct advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to know which options are best for your situation.


Wood windows are the most natural, but they can be pricey. Our wooden sliding windows have an exterior layer of metal and vinyl to protect against weather damage while keeping the warm look of wood on the interior.

We pre-stain our wood windows to the color you prefer to make installation faster and to keep fumes out of your home. Wood windows have an elegant look that will impress visitors and potential buyers.


Vinyl windows are the most affordable and popular option. They’re durable against rain and sun damage and can be dyed to match your siding. However, if you have an older home with a lot of wood, it will look mismatched.

A big disadvantage of vinyl windows is that they can’t be painted, and they can fade with time because of UV exposure. In extremely hot areas, the vinyl can sag from the heat though that’s rarely a problem in Des Plaines. They are also less energy-efficient than wood windows.


Fiberglass is the middle option between wood windows and vinyl windows. It’s extremely strong, energy-efficient, and low maintenance. They are more expensive than vinyl windows but not as expensive as wood windows.

Like vinyl, fiberglass cannot be painted. Depending on your home’s interior and exterior colors, you may not be able to find a fiberglass color to match. Wood windows can be painted or stained to match any color you desire.

These are the most common window materials. Another material we have is Andersen’s Fibrex material, which combines plastic and reclaimed wood fibers to create a very strong and energy-efficient window. Ask us about this option during your design consultation.

EnergyStar Windows

Another important consideration for sliding windows is energy efficiency. We carry EnergyStar certified windows, which are all tested by a government-backed third party for energy efficiency. An efficient window lowers energy costs and keeps your home’s temperature more stable.

Besides creating a more comfortable home, EnergyStar windows will also reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system. This can stretch out its lifespan and reduce the cost of a replacement system over time, which is a hefty home improvement cost!

Expert Sliding Window Installation in Des Plaines

All of our installation specialists are sent to the manufacturers for training in industry-approved practices. A window is only as efficient as its installation. A poorly installed window lets energy out and water in, creating a perfect storm of homeowner costs.

By having our professionals do the job, our lifetime labor warranty will cover any installation problems. Simply fill out a warranty request on our website or call us to make a claim, and we’ll resolve the problem. You’ll also get covered by manufacturer warranties for the actual window.

Finance Your Sliding Window Installation

There’s no question that replacing a window in Des Plaines can be expensive, and sometimes you need a replacement now instead of when you can afford it. That’s why we have financing options for all of our Des Plaines sliding window customers. We partner with EnerBank to provide this service.

Our financing options have no closing costs or prepayment penalties, fast credit decisions, a simple and free application process, and long-term options for repayment.

Schedule Your Sliding Window Installation

If you’re ready to choose the perfect sliding window for your home and get it professionally installed, it’s time to schedule your sliding window installation with Opal Enterprises. Visit one of our showrooms or call us to schedule a consultation.

Sliding windows are perfect for bringing in a quick burst of fresh air and are easy for anyone to operate. No lifting required! Contact Opal Enterprises and take the first step towards your home’s new look.