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  1. Types of Double-Hung Windows in Des Plaines, IL
  2. Pros of Installing Double-Hung Windows in Des Plaines, IL
  3. Are Double-Hung Windows Worth the Extra Money?
  4. Hire Des Plaines Double-Hung Window Installation Experts

Many homeowners often underestimate the importance of windows. These are not just great for providing natural lighting and good views, but they can also help your home feel more comfortable and cozy.

If your old windows are rotting around the edges, don’t close as well as they ought to, or your home has drafts of air, it’s time to change those windows. New windows can add considerable beauty, utility, and value to your home. If you’re in the market for new windows, you should consider double-hung windows.

These windows are different from single-hung windows and provide a ton more benefits. At Opal Enterprises, our Des Plaines double-hung window installation experts can help you replace your old windows so that your home can be more comfortable for you and your loved ones.

Types of Double-Hung Windows in Des Plaines, IL

At Opal Enterprises, we offer multiple double-hung window options. These include:

  • Composite windows: These are weather-resistant, durable windows that require very minimal maintenance. They are resistant to moisture damage, corrosion, decay, and rot.
  • Vinyl windows: We offer vinyl double-hung windows from the best window manufacturer in the country. These are low-maintenance and energy-efficient windows with high thermal performance.
  • Fiberglass windows: These are excellent, highly energy-efficient windows that last a very long time and require minimal maintenance.
  • Wood windows: This is a customizable popular window option with good energy efficiency.

All windows come with double-pane or triple-pane options. These can help to:

  • Reduce or mitigate noise from the street
  • Keep the home very quiet
  • Lower your energy bills
  • Minimize UV rays penetration
  • Improve your home’s value
  • Increase your comfort levels when you’re indoors
  • Even contribute to improved physical and mental health

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Pros of Installing Double-Hung Windows in Des Plaines, IL

Even though they can be slightly more expensive, double-hung windows make up for their initial upfront costs with long-term durability and many other benefits. These include:

Good Energy Efficiency

These windows have high Energy Star ratings, so they are more energy efficient—particularly when they’re double or triple-paned. With the right setup, they can do an awesome job of keeping the heat or cold out of the home. This means there will be no leaks or drafts. As a result, your HVAC equipment will function optimally, leading to reasonably lower energy bills.

Better Insulation and Ventilation

Did you know that double-hung windows can help improve your home’s ventilation? That’s right. Because they can be opened from the bottom or the top, you can leave your windows open for longer and get rid of the humidity or stuffiness.

Double-hung windows allow for the opportunity to open both windows so that they meet halfway, allowing air to get in and out of the house from the top and bottom. This is a great way to let out warm air and let in cool air at the same time.

Also, because of the way they’re built, double-hung windows offer better insulation than single-hung windows.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Have you seen homes that look like their windows haven’t been cleaned in ages and wondered if the residents were dirty? Well, sometimes, it’s not their fault. You see, single-hung windows are a pain to clean, particularly when they’re on higher floors.

You have to go out to clean them from the outside, which usually requires the use of a ladder or some platform, and then go back inside to clean the inner pane. For many people, that can be too much work.

But with double-hung windows, you never have to worry about this. These windows have a tilt function, which allows you to clean the glass from all floors without going outside the house. This is why they’re easier to maintain and keep clean.

Safer for Properties With Small Kids

Do you have children? If yes, you definitely need double-hung windows. With single-hung windows, you can only open them from the bottom, which makes it easy for kids to climb through.

But with double-hung windows, your kids are much safer, as you can lock the bottom panel and slide the top panel down. This way, kids can’t easily slide through.

Access to Variety and Style

Double-hung windows offer more variety and style to modern and antique properties. Our Des Plaines double-hung window installation professionals can help you install really nice-looking double-hung windows that complement your home’s design and enhance its beauty.

Are Double-Hung Windows Worth the Extra Money?

Absolutely. These windows have extra safety features, improved energy efficiency, great value, better protection from UV rays, and solid frames that’ll last for years.

With these installed on your Des Plaines property, you’ll never have to worry about rotting window frames, poor insulation, unduly high humidity, and drafts in the home.

Instead, your home will be comfortable, quiet, and safe for you and your loved ones. Even better, if you decide to sell the property, having double-hung windows can lead to higher property valuation.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Hire Des Plaines Double-Hung Window Installation Experts

Don’t leave your window installation to chance. If you want the best windows that offer the best benefits, our skilled installation professionals in Des Plaines can help you do that. Our windows are made with top-class window materials, guaranteed to deliver maximum protection and utility.

Plus, we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty, so you can be sure that we will install your windows in keeping with established industry standards. Contact Opal Enterprises for all your window installation and replacement needs in Des Plaines, IL today.