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Geneva Double-Hung Window Installation

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Double-hung windows can increase the aesthetic appeal of your property and boost your home’s energy efficiency. Our team at Opal Enterprises handles the installation of new windows throughout Geneva, Illinois.

You can contact us to work with licensed, bonded, and insured crews who handle Geneva double-hung window installation. We back our installation with a lifetime labor warranty and always strive to provide excellent customer service.

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Why Select Double-Hung Windows for Your Home in Geneva?

Double-hung – or double-sash – windows have two operable parts. If you install double-hung windows in Geneva, you can raise and lower both the upper and lower parts of the window.

These windows generally cost more than single-hung options. However, their increased upfront costs provide you with numerous benefits. Many property owners in Geneva choose double-hung windows because they:

Provide Increased Energy Efficiency

We install double-hung windows with high EnergyStar ratings. These windows help keep the heat out of your home through the summer and the cold out in the winter. In addition, proper installation can help you avoid drafts and leaks, reducing your overall energy expenses.

Are Easy to Maintain and Clean

Many people find double-hung windows much easier to clean than single-hung options. These windows come with a tilt function, allowing you to change the angle of the glass, quickly cleaning windows even on the upper floors of your home.

Increase Safety if You Have Children

If you have single-hung windows, you can only open the bottom portion of the glass. On the other hand, double-hung windows allow you to lower the upper glass, making it harder for children to reach the open screen.

Boost Ventilation in Your Home

Opening windows around your home can improve ventilation. Double-hung windows allow you to leave windows open at the top and the bottom of the frame, increasing the overall ventilation in your house.

Come in Many Different Styles

You can access a wide range of styles when selecting a double-hung window in Geneva. Our team helps you find windows that complement the look of your home while providing you with practical considerations like boosted energy efficiency and durability.

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Should You Choose Triple-Pane, Double-Hung Windows?

We install either double-pane or triple-pane windows in Geneva, IL. Many homeowners elect to install triple-pane windows as they provide several extra benefits. Triple-pane windows:

  • Minimize outside noise, keeping your home quieter
  • Further reduce monthly energy expenses
  • Limit the penetration of UV rays into your home

Many property owners report feeling more comfortable indoors with triple-pane windows. You can discuss the benefits of this option when you reach out to us for Geneva double-hung window installation.

Why Hire Us to Install Double-Hung Windows in Geneva, IL?

When you trust us with your double-hung window installation in Geneva, IL, you secure help from experienced technicians who constantly study the best installation techniques. We treat you with respect, answer your questions, and back our work with a lifetime labor warranty.

Our team has taken care of installations for many years. We’ve developed a strategy that reduces the stress associated with remodeling to ensure you have a great experience.

When you reach out to us, we’ll discuss your goals, review your preferences, and provide you with a free quote for the job. Then, we can begin the installation process quickly if you accept our quote and sign the contract.

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What Happens During Double-Hung Window Installation in Geneva?

Geneva double-hung window installation generally takes a few hours to complete. However, the job may take longer based on the number of windows you want us to install and the kind of window you selected.

Generally, we handle the process by assessing your needs and scheduling an appointment for crews to arrive. Once our highly trained window installation technicians reach your property, they can:

  • Remove your old windows
  • Place the new double-hung windows
  • Clean up any mess from the installation
  • Perform a walkthrough with you

We also dispose of your old windows, taking more of the stress out of the installation process. Find out more by contacting us to speak to a window installation professional in Geneva, IL.

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What Materials Can You Choose for Double-Hung Windows?

Our team offers you a range of options for Geneva double-hung window installation. We work with brands like Andersen and Kolbe to provide you with window frames made from:

  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Composite materials

These materials have different benefits, depending on the one that you select. For example, composite windows are generally very durable and weather-resistant. In addition, they resist issues like decay, rot, and corrosion, though they cost more than other options.

When you contact us, we’ll review your property and go over your goals for your new windows. Then, based on the answers you give us, we’ll help you find a material that works best for your needs.

We can also go over other window options. For example, we can compare the benefits of casement and double-hung windows with you.

How Much Does Double-Hung Window Installation Cost?

The cost to handle double-hung window installation in Geneva, IL, varies depending on the kind of window you select and the number of windows you want us to install. We’ll provide a price quote after we review the job with you.

Our team also provides you with financing plans for your window installation. This form of financing lets you avoid closing costs and doesn’t include any prepayment penalties.

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Are you interested in putting in new double-hung windows? Our team at Opal Enterprises is ready to provide excellent customer service and assistance with Geneva double-hung window installation.

We have the training and resources to provide a great renovation experience. You can review all your options when you call us or complete our online contact form.

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