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6 Provia Endure Window Features

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Geneva is unique because it blends rural country with Chicago suburbs. It is a history-filled town that is upbeat and friendly. When you look at the architecture, you will notice that finding the right window styles will make a difference when blending country and city. Provia Endure windows have many features that make them stand out. Aesthetics are one aspect to consider, but you must also find the best manufacturer. 

Low Maintenance

If you choose the vinyl option for the Povia Endure windows, you are getting a low-maintenance option for your home. These windows can stand up to inclement weather and have non-corrosive features. Cleaning involves wiping the windows down with hot soapy water. Maintenance is minor, and you can get more information from your installation team. 

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Superior Weatherability 

Vinyl is formulated with harsh weather conditions in mind. Provia Endure windows withstand UV light, extreme weather, and exposure. Weatherability is vital because the weather can fluctuate in the area and wreak havoc on your home. The glass also features ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing System, which can reduce heat loss and interior condensation.  


Provia Endure windows have optimum technology, so you get peak performance. The implementation of Energy Star also helps with durability by using less energy. Your Geneva home will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You will stay comfortable all year and be confident that your windows will last through every season. 

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Color Retention 

You want colors that last, and Provia windows have superior color retention. Provia uses pharmaceutical-grade compounding and blending to attain consistency. Color retention makes your paint last longer and also supports weatherability. When you invest in windows, you want them to look good for longer. 

Exceeds Strength and Color Standards 

Color options are not only endless, but they are also durable. Provia uses innovative technology to match and exceed industry standards. They also use various color retention technology to keep colors long-lasting. Provia is confident in its products and offers different lifetime warranties after a window installation. The base window unit’s lifetime transferable warranty covers the factory-applied wood components. You have a warranty against peeling, chipping, cracking, and delamination. There are also hardware and glass warranty options available. 

Maximum Window Options 

Provia Endure windows come in more options than other window manufacturers. Color options are endless because they strive to match your interior colors with your windows. There are several wood grain interior colors and exterior paint colors. You can find dark oak or traditional cherry for your interior and pair it with Tudor brown or white. There are also many hardware and glass options. Your new windows will be unlike anything else on the street. 

Opal Enterprises Has the Right Windows for You

You will not have to buy windows too often in your homeownership journey, and we want to ensure you pick the best ones for your Geneva home. Provia windows have many features and benefits for you. You can see them in one of our showrooms. Work with our Opal Enterprises team to find the right windows for you.