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Upgrading Your Patio Door to a ProVia Vinyl Endure Window



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  1. Benefits of Upgrading a Patio Door 
  2. Why Choose ProVia Endure?
  3. Opal Enterprises and ProVia 

Patio doors are often overlooked when Des Plaines homeowners are making upgrades. Your patio door offers comfort and energy efficiency that is beneficial year-round in the Chicagoland area. The summertime can get noisy, so you also want a patio door that blocks the sound. When looking for all these and other options, you need the ProVia Endure vinyl patio door. 

Benefits of Upgrading a Patio Door 

Patio doors deteriorate over time, especially in older homes. Many doors allow air to get in when they have difficulties closing. Upgrading your patio door to a ProVia Endure vinyl window offers you low maintenance. Homeowners in Naperville will not need to worry about the door getting stuck or the blinds getting in the way. 

Another benefit of upgrading your patio door is it cuts back on heating and cooling costs. When a door works correctly, it reduces the cold and heat that can get into the home, which causes higher electric bills. New patio doors have flexible weatherstrips to mitigate the outside from coming inside. 

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Why Choose ProVia Endure?

You might assume a glass patio door would have no design features, but many aesthetic options exist to fit the rest of your home and patio. 

High-Tech Glass

The ProVia Endure windows have high-tech glass and offer less heat loss and a reduction in interior condensation. The glass is also warmer than traditional patio doors. You can choose from various interior laminated wood grain colors and grid styles. There are also variations in the glass and hardware colors. It can be overwhelming to find the perfect Endure patio door. 

Customization Options

The customization options are endless. Endure offers customization options for every Naperville home. Homeowners can choose single, double, triple, and four-panel sliding glass. You can also choose which way the door will open: to the right, left, or center. You can also choose from different hardware styles if that isn’t enough. Your patio door is genuinely one of a kind. 

Screen Mesh Options

There are a couple of mesh options for your Endure patio door. It is common to see doors open during the summer and fall, and you do not miss out on screen mesh options when you go for a glass door. ProVia is so confident in this series that it offers a transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty


All patio doors are low-maintenance and insulated, so you do not have to worry about the cold winter air getting in. The exterior paint is long-lasting, provides a smooth surface, and has the technology to prevent flaking, blistering, peeling, or checking. 

Opal Enterprises and ProVia 

Opal handles a range of your door needs. We install front doors, screens, and storm and patio doors. When you need to upgrade your patio door to a ProVia Endure window, patio doors can change the entire appeal of the home and offer several benefits to the house. 

Opal Enterprises provides windows and doors that are energy efficient and durable. Homeowners combine functionality and aesthetics when they work with us. Visit our Naperville showroom or contact us online today to find the patio door you need.