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DDIY – Don’t Do It Yourself – How to avoid construction fails and foot pain

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DDIY – Don’t Do It Yourself – How to avoid construction fails and foot pain

Some doors lead to nowhere. Many people look at home renovation and think, “Hey, I could do that….”, but in reality that is often a pretty bad idea. A bad idea that could lead to a much more costly experience, and sometimes a serious pain in the foot. Let’s face some facts, you are most likely not a licensed professional, or you wouldn’t be here. Here’s a few quick tips on what you definitely should NOT do.

Stepping on nails. – Don’t do this, it hurts (believe me). This guy had to have his entire shoe sawn off from the bottom in order to get his foot back on track.

You had one job Gary……

Just ask Mary Bodrova how dangerous DIY installation can be…Sometimes, your measurements might be off. Remember! Always double check before you wreck!!!!

And last but not least, NEVER, EVER, forget your ladder…

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With these tips in mind, if you really want to remodel at ease, choose a certified contractor to fulfill your needs. Everyone makes mistakes, but a certified, insured, and reputable contractor will stand by their work and make sure it’s done right (and most likely not get caught in or fall out of your window). Opal Enterprises partners with hundreds of homeowners for their window and door replacement needs each year. They also renovate home exteriors with top of the line upgrades in siding, roofing, and windows. Choosing a remodeling contractor like Opal Enterprises will be the ultimate safeguard against construction fails. If you’re in the Chicago area, you can contact Opal for a quote and consultation today. They’re a pretty fun bunch who will help you select the best products and upgrades for your home improvement needs.

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