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Stone Veneer Siding Can Enhance Your Home

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stone siding in naperville enhances your homeHave you ever driven through a neighborhood where every single house looks exactly the same? Even if a home is nice, it can still look plain at times if it is simple on the outside. Homes that are plain and predictable lack character. Homeowners who wish to beautify their home and make it more architecturally interesting should consider having siding contractors install stone siding. Stone siding has been a popular trend for many years because of its custom look and affordability. Something about stone siding just makes a home look both classy and inviting.

What Is Stone Siding?

Stone siding is applied to exterior building walls to give it the stone look and appeal. Opal is now offering Versetta Stone panelized stone veneer. Versetta Stone panelized stone veneer is a non-structural masonry cladding that is made using recycled materials, making it a fabulous resource for green remodeling projects. Thanks to a distinctive molding and color application, Versetta Stone perfectly captures the look of natural stone. Not only that, but it is made of lightweight material and can be installed using a mechanical fastening system. This enables Opal to provide you with the stone look you want without all of the hassle of real stone.   Versetta Stone is applied in sequences using 8″ x 36″ boards that interconnect with a tongue and groove system. Opals siding contractors fasten the 26-gauge galvanized nailing strip with nails and screws. The nailing strip is highly durable, rated for 60 years of corrosion resistance. It also includes drain holes that allow water to move through the system. Versetta Stone is rated to resist winds up to 110 MPH, boasts a Class A fire resistance rating, and satisfies freeze/thaw testing.

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Where Can Stone Siding Be Used?

Stone siding can be used on any wall. It is generally used on exterior walls, but who says you can’t accent an interior wall with a custom stone look? Let your creativity run wild. Where on your home do you think stone siding would look the greatest? Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Accent your front entryway of your home with the use of beautiful stone siding.
  • Make your patio even cozier with stone siding.
  • Is your home two stories? You could use stone siding on the exterior of the first floor and leave the second floor with vinyl siding.
  • Have a Naperville siding contractors install stone siding on one exterior wall – perhaps one that protrudes further than the rest of the exterior walls.


How Can Stone Siding Be Used To Enhance A Home’s Look?

Stone siding can completely change a home’s look. It makes all the difference, turning a once ordinary home into a stunning sight. Stone siding can give your home the romantic, 19th century look that you have always admired. Not to mention, making your home more architecturally interesting will only increase your home’s resale value. If you are looking for siding contractors anywhere in the Chicago area and western suburbs, contact Opal Enterprises today to find out what stone siding can do for your home.