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What is the Best Material for Entry Doors

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  1. Wood
  2. Steel
  3. Fiberglass
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Entry Door Entry doors are an extremely important part of every household. In addition to providing an entry and exit point, they also provide security from potential intruders and make up a large part of your home’s curb appeal. So it only makes sense that you’ll want to get the best entry doors you can find that will offer both beauty and protection. However, with so many materials being used to construct entry doors, how can you determine which is the best one? Each type of entry door has its own benefits, so the best material to go with depends on your needs and personal preference. Here are some of the most common materials used for entry doors and a little information about them to help you make your decision.


When appearance is of the utmost importance, wood doors are undoubtedly the way to go. They provide a natural and high-end look that will instantly enhance the aesthetics of your home and provide great first impressions to guests and passersby. These types of doors are very secure and are naturally resistant to wear and damage, although they will eventually need to be repainted or refinished to stay looking like new.

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Steel doors are a great cost-effective option for homeowners who value security and protection from the elements. These doors require very little maintenance and tend to be very energy efficient. They can also come in a number of different color and style options, allowing you to choose a door that will perfectly complement the rest of your home.


Fiberglass is quickly becoming one of the most popular entry door options among homeowners. Fiberglass entry doors are resistant to denting and rusting and can be customized in a number of woodgrain-style finishes that offer the natural and beautiful look of wood, without any of the upkeep.

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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Opal Enterprises Offers a Variety of High-Quality Entry Doors

When you’re looking to replace the entry doors on your home, look no further than the experts at Opal Enterprises. With locations in Naperville and Des Plaines, Illinois, we have helped countless homeowners throughout the Chicagoland suburbs find beautiful and durable entry doors for their homes, and we can help you, too. Just place a call to us and we’ll schedule an appointment that entails one of our friendly project consultants coming to meet with you at your home. Once there, they will take the time to listen to your needs, and work collaboratively with you to help you choose an entry door that will meet them all.

Expert Installations

No matter what type of entry door you decide to with, if it’s not installed correctly, you won’t be able to get the most out of it. At Opal Enterprises, we have highly experienced and factory-trained technicians perform all of our entry door installations. They will work tirelessly to ensure that your new door is installed correctly so that it looks great and operates perfectly.

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If you’re ready to learn more about the entry doors that we have available to homeowners throughout the Chicagoland suburbs, contact the professionals at Opal Enterprises today. We look forward to working with you to give you an entry door that you can be proud of. We also have financing options available to those who qualify.