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Which House Colors Pair Nicely With Red Doors?

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Many homeowners use a red door as an attractive focal point for their house. Throughout history and across cultures, a red entry door has implied positive energy and a welcome spot to rest. It is also an excellent way to give your home more curb appeal and add a splash of vibrant color. 

However, the boldness of a red door can present design challenges. How well will it fit in with your other house colors? Should you blend the color palette or combine contrasting hues instead? Here are some of Opal Enterprise’s favorite red door color pairings to help with your exterior design strategy.

What Is the Most Popular Red for a Front Door?

Finding the right shade of red for your front door is not always as simple as it first seems but you can ask about advice your front door replacement specialist. “Red” can mean anything from dark burgundy to a brighter hue that leans toward orange. The possibilities are virtually endless, and none are inherently better or more popular than the rest.

The red that you choose will be a matter of personal preference. If you are hesitant about committing to anything too intense, a muted, darker shade may be best. On the other hand, if you are more daring with your design choices, consider a vibrant hue like persimmon or fire engine red.

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Red, White, and Blue Houses

This combo is an American classic that always looks great. For the most impact, select contrasting shades. For example:

  • Light blue siding with a dark red door
  • Dark navy-blue siding or trim set against a bright red entryway

One of our favorite combinations at Opal Enterprises is blue siding like Hardie’s Boothbay Blue, white trim, and a red door. Then, add a splash of red to your landscape to bring it all together!

light blue home with white trim and red door

A light blue home with white trim and a red door. Red, white, and blue is an appealing color combination that gives your home a classic sense of style.

Warm Neutrals and Yellow Houses

Yellow houses have a naturally sunny disposition that is inviting and friendly. Just about any warm-toned neutral exterior will pair very nicely with a red door. As a bonus, bright or light colors like yellow also serve to make your home appear larger and more welcoming.

Pet owners may be interested in an outside door with doggie door. Our experts can help you find an option that pairs beautifully with the style of your home. Plus, the doggie door will be seamlessly incorporated into the design.

two-story home with yellow siding and red door

A two-story home with yellow siding and a red door. This home is outfitted with Woodland Cream Hardie Siding and a red ProVia front door.

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Cool Neutral White or Gray Shades

On the other end of the neutral spectrum are cool tones like white and gray. Cool colors have recently overtaken warm shades in home design popularity, and they are incredibly versatile. 

light gray home with black shutters and red door

A light gray home with black shutters and a red door. A red door combined with an exterior dominated by white or gray adds a touch of unforgettable style and character.

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Black House Paired With Bright Red Door

Black and other ultra-dark shades are a trendy and increasingly popular color choice for modern homes. They create a stunning visual effect that works well with both contemporary and traditional architectural styles.

red front door flanked by black trim

A red front door flanked by black trim. Whether you choose dark-colored siding, trim, or both, the deep richness surrounding your red door will make it stand out and truly make a statement!

Brick Exterior with a Medium to Dark Red Door

Bricks are an eco-friendly and durable building material that have been popular for hundreds of years. However, the ruddy color of bricks may make you feel like your design choices are limited. Of course, you could always paint your brick, but why not leave it natural and add a red door instead?

A bright glossy door may be overwhelming when paired with a red brick façade, so consider a medium or dark muted shade of red instead. A door contractor can help you find a perfect balance between different shades of red.

brick building with red entry door and white trim

A brick building with a red entry door and white trim. This color combination can provide your home with a traditional yet bold appeal.

Opal Is Your Local Remodeling Design and Installation Expert

There are many ways to use your home’s color to highlight and complement a red entry door. If you need guidance or more inspiration for your Chicago-area project, turn to the experts at Opal Enterprises. If you’re looking for a team to do your door replacement in Evanston, we are ready. We have an eye for design and the passion to make your dream home a reality. 

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