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Can I Get Entry & Hinged Patio Doors With Doggie Doors in Them?

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  1. Opal Enterprises and Doggie Doors
  2. Doggie Doors on Storm Doors
  3. Plexidor Pet Door 
  4. Freedom Pet Door
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Pets are part of the family, and homeowners go to great lengths to ensure their pets feel comfortable in and around their homes. Many dogs live inside the house and only go outside when necessary. 

Homeowners find a doggie door addition to their storm door an excellent feature for their dogs to go outside as they please. When Woodridge, IL, area homeowners are replacing their doors, they often ask if it is possible to install a doggie door.

Opal Enterprises and Doggie Doors

Opal Enterprises can install doggie doors on your entry or patio door. ProVia is one brand that offers this as an additional accessory element. Your Woodridge home will look good and provide your dog freedom to the outside world. Of course, you do not want them to have too much freedom, so make sure you place doggie doors in the right area of your home. 

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Doggie Doors on Storm Doors

The weather in the Midwest can be unpredictable, and some homeowners opt for storm doors in Naperville. Since the purpose of these doors is for additional safety from the elements, many homeowners do not realize they can add doggie doors. However, there is one difference: these doors have a kick panel at the bottom instead of a full-screen door. 

The doggie door is built to order at the factory. While we refer to them as doggie doors, cats can use them too. You will need to find the entry door you want and then decide on the doggie door accessory to ensure your home’s aesthetic flows. 

Plexidor Pet Door 

Made explicitly for hinged patio doors, ProVia has the PlexiDor pet door. The PlexiDor combines energy efficiency and ease of access. The doggie doors are easily installed on hinged patio doors. This door also has a lock and key so no intruders can enter during the night, and your furry friend does not run away when you are not looking. 

There are three size options available:

  • Medium: For pets up to 40 pounds
  • Large: For pets up to 100 pounds
  • X-Large: For pets up to 220 pounds

There are several colors and a warranty for any defective parts available. 

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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Freedom Pet Door

A Freedom pet door is a better option when you have active pets. It has a solid frame design that is great for long-term or frequent use. There is also UV protection and weatherstripping seals. For security, there is a slide in the closing panel. The door also comes in medium, large, and X-large options.  

Call Opal Enterprises for Pet Door Installation

Opal Enterprises is proud to work with ProVia to offer options for homeowners and their furry friends. ProVia prides itself on providing pet doors for homeowners in the area, as many employees also own pets. 

When it comes to doggie doors, we want to ensure the safety of your pet and your family. A doggie door can expose your Woodridge, IL area, home to the elements if it is not installed correctly or suitable materials are not used. 

Opal Enterprises knows how to work with ProVia storm doors with pet door attachments. Contact Opal today.