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  1. How Much Does It Cost to Install a Garden Window in Kane County, IL?
  2. Which Garden Window Type Is Best for Your Home in Geneva, IL?
  3. Should You Hire a Professional Garden Window Installer in Geneva, IL, or Do It Yourself?
  4. Contact Experienced Geneva Garden Window Installation Contractors

One of the best ways to upgrade your home in Illinois and transform it into a more beautiful property is by installing garden windows. These are windows that serve as a small indoor garden where you can put potted plants and grow your herbs, spices, and small plants. These are commonly found in the kitchen but can be placed anywhere in the home –depending on your preferences.

But that’s not all. They can be turned into a reading or hanging out spot. This depends on the materials that you use for the base of the window and how big the window is. If you’re thinking of installing a garden window in your home in Geneva, IL, you need a window installation contractor with a lot of experience.

At Opal Enterprises, our Geneva garden window installation contractors have the experience to construct and install these windows so that they are well-insulated, last long, and are energy-efficient. If you’d like to know more about how we do this, please get in touch.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Garden Window in Kane County, IL?

The cost of installing a new garden window unit in Geneva, IL, is between $800 and $4,500. Please note that this is a broad range, and may cost more. This will depend on the following:

  • Your preferred window materials
  • The type of glass and number of panes
  • Cost of labor
  • The frames
  • Extras like shelves
  • Cost of obtaining a permit –some states require permits before you can add this modification
  • Whether it’s part of another window replacement project
  • If you prefer glass panes that can be opened

Your frame materials too can determine what the cost per unit of the garden window will be. For instance, windows with aluminum frames cost between $1,500 and $2,500, those with wood cost between $2,800 and $4,000, while vinyl garden windows cost 2,000 and $3,200. As you can see, the prices vary wildly. So, you’ll need to decide which works best for you based on your budget and other factors.

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Which Garden Window Type Is Best for Your Home in Geneva, IL?

As experienced window installation experts serving residents of Kane County, we are particular about the durability of your garden window, its curb appeal, and its energy-saving features. Because of the cost implications we often advise homeowners to also take the weather into consideration when making a decision about their garden windows.

Aluminum-Framed Garden Windows

Aluminum-framed garden windows don’t really do well in the cold climate. And as you know, it gets pretty cold for months in Illinois for about five months a year. So, even though they look nice and are pretty low maintenance, they won’t really last as long as you’d like them to.

Vinyl-Framed Garden Windows

Vinyl-framed garden windows, on the other hand, can do okay in Illinois weather. However,  because it’s not as nice-looking as wood, many people tend to steer clear of it. If you’re on a tight budget, a garden window with vinyl frames is pretty good.

It won’t look premium, but it’ll last and only needs little maintenance.

Wood-Framed Garden Windows

Then, there’s the cream of the crop: wood-framed garden windows. These look nice and premium, which is why they are a popular choice in Geneva homes with garden windows. Naturally, it’s the most expensive of all three. Unfortunately, it’s also the one with a lot of high maintenance. This works well in cold weather, but because it’s wood, it breaks down faster.

“Wrapping” Your Windows

However, there’s a solution in the form of “wrapping” these treated wood frames with vinyl or aluminum. These will help keep the maintenance low and help them last a lot longer than they ordinarily would if they weren’t clad with these materials.

So, there you have it. You can now make your decision based on the best type of garden window for your property in Geneva, IL.

Should You Hire a Professional Garden Window Installer in Geneva, IL, or Do It Yourself?

Absolutely, you should hire a seasoned garden window installation contractor. When it comes to putting in new garden windows, there’s no room for the trial and error that’s common with do-it-yourself projects. It is often a complicated project that requires a lot of experience, precision, accurate measurements, and skills.

There are too many things that could go wrong if your window isn’t installed by technicians who have been doing it for a long time. Then, there’s the added advantage of lower material prices courtesy of an installation contractor’s relationship with window material manufacturers.

You’ll also need spacers that are tightly placed, window rails where necessary, interlocking ashes, and so many other materials that you may not be able to successfully source by yourself. The best grades of these materials are easily obtainable by experienced garden window installation professionals in Geneva and Kane County.

Garden window installation is a delicate job and requires the unique skills of our technicians at Opal Enterprises. With our help, your window will be thoroughly set up with the highest quality window materials available for your budget.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Contact Experienced Geneva Garden Window Installation Contractors

Let our professional window installers in Geneva, IL, help you install the perfect garden window for your home All our technicians are skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified to help you make the right choices regarding the best materials for your budget.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. All our contractors are well-trained and only use the best and latest installation techniques for each window project. We are so committed to client satisfaction that we offer a lifetime labor warranty.

At Opal Enterprises, your dreams and satisfaction come first. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us regarding your window installation project in Geneva and the larger Kane County. Contact us today to request a free estimate or schedule a no-cost in-home assessment visit.