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  1. How Much Does it Cost to Install Bay Windows?
  2. Types of Bay Windows
  3. Understanding Bay Window Installation in Geneva, IL
  4. Pros of Installing Bay Windows
  5. Hire a Geneva Bay Window Installation Contractor

Although bay windows were a staple in Victorian-era architecture, they have gone on to become a rather common addition to modern-day contemporary homes. People who install bay windows do so with the intention of beautifying their homes and enjoying expansive views of the outdoors from inside the home. 

Because of their design and structure, bay windows are often very difficult to install. It takes a lot of experience and expertise to install it successfully. This is why you need expert bay window installers in Geneva, Illinois to set this up in your house. Our window installation contractors can help you with this.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Bay Windows?

Bay window installation costs anywhere from $950 at the low end all the way to $7500 at the high end. This covers both the cost of materials and labor. Bay windows can be quite pricey. But if you’re reading this, chances are you already understand the value, even though it costs a bit more than other windows.

How much you will eventually pay to have your bay window installed in your Geneva home largely depends on the materials you choose, the kinds of glass panes you want, the window frames, and the labor that goes into the construction and installation of the window.

So, as much as we would have liked to give you a specific number, the reality is that costs always vary from project to project. We can’t give you an exact price until we’ve seen the scope of work, the kinds of materials you prefer, and the shape you desire.

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Types of Bay Windows

There are various window options that you can choose from to beautify your home. These designs and styles can add considerable monetary and aesthetic value to your property. The types of bay window options include:

Oriel Bay Windows

These windows tend to protrude from the side of the house and are suspended in the air. These are a solid option if you are considering putting bay windows on the first or second floors, or other stories of a multi-floor building. 

Victorian Bay Windows

These are elaborately designed bay windows that show off the beauty of the property. They are used to enhance the exterior appearance of a home so that it looks expensive.

Canted Bay Windows

These are the regular and more popular bay windows that have three angled sides. You will find this in many Geneva homes as they are the more affordable bay window option.

Tudor Bay Windows

These have sizeable brackets or chunky corbels installed beneath them. These corbels are great for both aesthetic design and structural support.

Full Bay Windows

These are quite imposing and usually extend from the house all the way from the top to the bottom of the building. Full bay windows not only provide an impression of more room in the house, but they actually increase your property’s floor space.

Modern Bay Windows

These windows tend to have contemporary designs. They are minimalistic and tend to be free of all frills and ornaments. They have a simple yet elegant approach to bay windows. They can make your home look more beautiful and sophisticated if done right. 

If you don’t know what type of bay window is best for your property in Geneva, IL, we can provide professional guidance that will help you choose the option that works for your home.

Understanding Bay Window Installation in Geneva, IL

Unlike other windows that are pretty easy to install, bay windows are more complicated and require a unique skill set and expertise to ensure there are no flaws. A poorly installed bay window can lead to leakages and draughts in the house. 

To successfully install the windows, you will need to be very precise with your measurements and the use of materials. You’ll have to pay attention to the base of the window, the angles, frames, and every other aspect of the installation process. Unfortunately, not every window company that claims to install bay windows actually does a good job of it. 

In fact, this is why we have had to redo or reinstall bay windows where they were once constructed by other companies. The bay window contractors at Opal Enterprises are uniquely trained and skilled at installing airtight and watertight bay windows that are leakproof. 

Our contractors have decades of experience doing all types of bay window installations in Geneva homes and across the state of Illinois. Because of our experience, we have reliably installed solid bay windows for many clients like you without any issues. If you want to benefit from the same process, we are available to help.

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Pros of Installing Bay Windows

Bay windows have a ton of benefits. Some of these benefits include  

  • Improved natural light within the home 
  • And has two views of the outdoors 
  • Increase the feeling of roominess and spaciousness within the home
  • Better aesthetic value
  • Increased market price
  • Better curb appeal
  • There are energy efficient and can help you save on utility costs
  • Good corner for reading or just hanging out
  • Ornate designs can make the home look expensive and classy
  • It can increase your home’s sophistication

These are just some of the benefits of having big bay windows in your home. In our experience, people generally appreciate and think of homes with bay windows as more attractive and nice to look at than those with flat windows.

Hire a Geneva Bay Window Installation Contractor

If you’ll be installing bay windows in your home in Geneva, it should be done by an expert-based Geneva bay window installation service. At Opal Enterprises, our bay window installers have the skills and expertise necessary to tackle the very delicate nature of bay windows.

We are careful and adhere to strict industry standard practices that guarantee a flawless installation process. Don’t hand over your project to anyone just because they say they can install your windows. If you do, you might need to have them redone. That means spending more money than is necessary. With us, installing bay windows in your Geneva property will be smooth and seamless. 

Contact us today to request a free estimate.