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  1. Window Styles We Offer
  2. What Are Bay Windows?
  3. What Are the Benefits of Bay Windows?
  4. Window Materials You Can Choose From
  5. Trust Us With Your Bay Window Installation in Downers Grove

Home improvement projects give homeowners countless options to turn their visions into reality. However, sometimes, installing new windows in a home goes to the bottom of the home improvement list. But having new windows installed is a great home improvement that shouldn’t go forgotten. 

At Opal Enterprises, we can assist with your bay window installation in Downers Grove. With the various window materials available and window styles, we have experience in all areas. You and your home deserve the most care possible, which is something we can deliver.

Window Styles We Offer

Installing new windows in your home is no easy project. And first, the hardest decision is choosing the window style to fit your vision. At Opal Enterprises, we can offer you various window options to suit your needs. 

Some styles we can offer you are single-hung windows, double-hung windows, garden windows, bow windows, picture windows, casement windows, awning windows, and bay windows. Additionally, we can customize windows as well, ensuring that you are getting exactly what you are looking for in your home.

However, if you’re like other homeowners, you know exactly what window type of window you are looking to install. So, if you have made the decision and are searching for the perfect bay windows for your home, we will expand on the benefits these types of windows offer. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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What Are Bay Windows?

Similar to bow windows, bay windows are a gorgeous addition to any room in the home. These windows are specifically designed to expand outward from your wall, giving you a gorgeous bit of space inside the home. 

Additionally, because these windows are built outward, you gain an increased view of your home outside space, allowing you to receive plenty of natural light. Bow and bay windows often get grouped together. However, bay windows have three openings, whereas a bow window has five. 

Bay windows offer your home many benefits, and our certified technicians are experts in bay window installations in Downers Grove.

What Are the Benefits of Bay Windows?

Bay windows are a great addition to any home and offer increased benefits for many homeowners. Some of these benefits include:

  1. More natural light in the space: As stated before, because these windows are built outward, more light can find its way into the room. Plenty of daylight can increase health and productivity as well, making the benefits twofold. 
  2. Increased ventilation: Due to the window clusters bay windows offer, a breeze from different directions can really improve your room’s ventilation. Allowing fresh air to come into your space from different directions, helping with air circulation and quality. 
  3. Added storage space: By these windows being built outward, your interior will have more space around the bay window. Here, you can add a sofa, shelves or storage, making it a great spot to add extra, in an elegant way, storage space. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Window Materials You Can Choose From

If you decide to choose bay windows for your home, there are countless options available for you to choose from when it comes to materials. Choosing a window material will give you a chance for customization and can allow you to choose a material that fits your budget. Additionally, different materials offer you different features, which help to bring your vision to life. 

No matter what window material you choose for your Downers Grove bay window installation, we can deliver. Whether you choose vinyl or fiberglass, we can be of great service to you in the window installation process. All in all, there are four main options of windows you can choose from. 

Vinyl Windows

The most common window material choice that homeowners will choose is vinyl. Vinyl windows have a great price tag and offer increased durability for the changing midwestern climates. Additionally, vinyl windows don’t require repeated maintenance, making them an excellent choice for those that don’t wish to pay regularly for repairs. 

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is another excellent option and is usually chosen as the other standard option by many homeowners. Fiberglass windows give your heavy-duty home security and increased durability. These types of windows also meet ENERGY STAR requirements, which satisfies homeowners who value energy efficiency. 

Composite Windows

Another up-and-coming window material option is composite windows. Composite windows are now becoming increasingly popular in many homes because of their wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer blend. These windows offer high-quality strength while also increasing your home’s curb appeal. 

Wood Windows

The last and most expensive option offered is wood. Wood windows have a high price tag and for a good reason. These windows are unmatched in elegance and appearance, offering the highest quality for your home. 

Trust Us With Your Bay Window Installation in Downers Grove

Choosing the specific windows you want to be installed, the style, and the material is no easy job. We understand that this is a difficult process, and it doesn’t hurt to ask for assistance. Luckily, speaking to our team at Opal Enterprises and letting us assist you in your bay window installation can bring countless benefits. 

If you have any questions about our Downers Grove bay window installation process or wish to begin, contact us today. We are available to assist you around the clock and are eager to turn your vision into reality.