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  1. What Is a Single-Hung Window?
  2. Choosing a Window Material for Your Project
  3. Downers Grove Window Installers Ready to Help You
  4. Financing Available
  5. Schedule Your Downers Grove Window Installation

A single-hung window is about as basic as a window can get, but it still needs an expert installer to do the job right. So why not go with the one with a 4.8 rating from Google and 4.9 from Houzz? Opal Enterprises can get your Downers Grove window installation done in a flash and have it last decades.

We’ll help you choose the right window to match your home’s exterior and interior, with all the energy-efficient features you require. Then our Downers Grove installation specialists will install your new window without disrupting your schedule or leaving a big mess.

What Is a Single-Hung Window?

When you were shown a picture of a window as a child in a book, it was likely a single-hung window. Single-hung windows have an upper and lower pane of glass. The upper pane is stationary, while the lower one can move up and down.

Double-hung windows allow both sets of windows to move up and down in the frame. Single-hung windows are the simplest of windows that you can open. Just unlock and lift the sash.

They are also one of the cheapest of our window varieties, a third of the price of a double-hung window. Single-hung windows are also simple to install and likely won’t require any frame renovation. Finally, since the top sash is fixed, you’re less likely to leak air through the top, saving money on your energy bill.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Choosing a Window Material for Your Project

Single-hung windows can come in lots of shapes and glazing options, but one of the most important is the material of the frame. This impacts the durability, color, and resale value of your home. Here are four options that we offer at Opal Enterprises for single-hung windows.


Wood is the option for people who want a cozy atmosphere and a high resale value. Our wood windows have an outside layer of aluminum and vinyl for the exterior to increase the lifespan. Plus, all of our wood windows use sustainably sourced lumber. These windows are FSC Certified.

Another immense advantage for wood is that you can color it however you like. You can paint it or stain it to match whatever exterior and interior you have. With the options below, you’re usually stuck with a single color for the lifetime of the window.


If you want wood with more durability, look at our composite window material. It’s designed to resist rot, insects, water damage, corrosion, fungus, and much more. It’s also highly energy efficient and looks elegant. Our composite windows come from Andersen, one of the most trusted names in American windows.


Fiberglass windows can give you the look of wood without the cost. Fiberglass is weather-resistant and UV resistant so the color won’t fade. If wood is out of your price range and you still want that kind of look, look at the fiberglass options.


Vinyl windows are excellent at energy efficiency and can create air-tight seals. It also won’t corrode and it’s easy to clean. A vinyl single-hung window can last 40 years! However, most vinyl windows fade in color over time.

Downers Grove Window Installers Ready to Help You

After our design team has helped you pick the perfect single-hung window for your Downers Grove home, our installation team will spring into action. All of our installers are trained by the window manufacturers we use on the current products and installation guidelines.

Each of our teams comes with an experienced project manager who will be your contact. They will handle the installation team and answer any questions or concerns you have about the window or our process. You’ll also learn how to maintain and clean your window to make its beauty last.

If you notice any issues with your new window, you’re covered under our lifetime labor warranty. Simply fill out a warranty request on our website, and we’ll come out to inspect it. If we notice a problem because of our labor, we’ll repair it.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Financing Available

If you have a lot of windows to replace, it can get expensive quickly! That’s why we offer financing options for qualified buyers through EnerBank. Financing can help you replace your home’s single-hung windows without worry about breaking the bank! You’ll enjoy:

  • No prepayment penalties
  • Free applications
  • Zero closing costs
  • Long-term financing
  • Options that require no home equity

Before you give up on your window installation project, see if we can help you pay for it through our financing program. Visit the financing page on our website and fill out a short form to see if you qualify!

Schedule Your Downers Grove Window Installation

Are you ready to replace your single-hung windows? Perhaps you have new construction and want a new set? We can install windows that are perfect for your home’s curb appeal and interior appearance, and will last for decades!

To schedule your window installation, contact Opal Enterprises or visit one of our showrooms. We’ll show you our options from top brands, talk about the differences in material, and answer questions you have about the installation process.