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  1. What Is a Casement Window?
  2. Casement Window Materials to Consider
  3. Can You DIY a Casement Window?
  4. Can You Finance?
  5. Talk to Our Window Contractors in Downers Grove

Before sash windows were invented, the casement window was a common sight in European homes. We can install this classic window type in your Downers Grove home. They’re also surprisingly energy efficient!

Opal Enterprises has been the trusted name in window installations for years in Downers Grove and other Chicagoland suburbs. Our highly trained design and installation teams will leave you with a smile on your face after your window installation. We guarantee it!

What Is a Casement Window?

A casement window is a window that has hinges on the side that let the window swing outward. They can be hinged on either side, or you can have two windows that meet in the middle. The windows can open either to the inside or the outside.

It’s very easy to control ventilation with a casement window, especially the airflow direction. If a breeze is coming in a certain way, you can angle the windows to channel that breeze into your home. Outward-swinging casement windows also seal tighter when the wind blows, making them more energy efficient.

If security is a worry, casement windows are a superior option to sash windows. While breaking the glass is still simple, opening a casement window is usually done with a crank. This is hard to do when reaching through a broken window that’s moving!

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Casement Window Materials to Consider

One of the first things you’ll need to decide with our design team is the window material you want. Opal Exteriors has many styles to choose from for different budgets, time frames, and aesthetic needs. Whatever you choose, we’ll take care to ensure it looks beautiful after installation!

There are four major materials we offer for casement window frames. Here is a breakdown of these materials.


Fiberglass window frames are extremely durable and low-maintenance. They also pass all the marks for EnergyStar compliance for residential homes. The durability also helps with home security and they’re less likely to fade than vinyl. However, they cannot be painted.


Vinyl windows are cheaper than fiberglass and will still last decades. Like fiberglass, vinyl windows are low-maintenance and durable against weather and heat. The color can fade over time because of UV exposure and they cannot be painted, so color choice is important so it looks good throughout the lifespan of the window.


Wood is the most classic and most expensive choice. It has excellent insulation features and you can paint or stain it any color you like. However, they also require the most upkeep. Wood windows are vulnerable to water damage and insects. Without maintenance, they can look old and worn. But if you can handle the upkeep, they seriously raise the value of a home.


A newer material mixes thermoplastic polymer with wood fibers to give windows the look of wood with less maintenance and a lower price tag. Andersen Windows has a special Fibrex composite material we can show you during your design consultation.

Can You DIY a Casement Window?

You can, but without professional help you’re taking an enormous risk. First, windows are heavier than they look and dangerous to install on your own. Also, you’ll need to know how to seal window gaps to make it weatherproof and insect proof.

If you need to create a new window setting, you’ll also need to be comfortable with power tools and home framing. You might need to buy expensive tools to do the project. All this costs money, and if you make a mistake, you’ll pay even more.

Some tools you would need to install a casement window that doesn’t require frame alteration include:

  • Pry bar
  • Shims
  • Sealing tape
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Caulk and caulk gun
  • Hammers, screwdrivers, and power drills
  • Levels
  • Putty and utility knives
  • Scaffolding or ladders for higher windows

Why not go with an installer who has done hundreds of window installations in Downers Grove? We can do the job quickly and correctly using the latest techniques and installation procedures from major window manufacturers like Andersen and Kolbe. Save yourself a lot of hassle and get a pro for your casement window installation.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Can You Finance?

Many people try the DIY route hoping to save money and end up spending more than they thought. We understand that installing a window can be an expensive project. That’s why we offer financing options through EnerBank Financing.

They offer 12 month same-as-cash loans with no home equity requirement. They also have long-term financing options. You can get approval through an internet application or over the phone in just ten minutes!

After you’ve had your design consultation with us, you’ll have all the information they need to make a credit decision. Don’t give up on your home renovation dream before you work with us and EnerBank to find a financing solution.

Talk to Our Window Contractors in Downers Grove

You can save yourself a lot of money and tool purchases by using our window installers in Downers Grove to install your casement windows. Start by calling us for a design consultation or visiting one of our showrooms.

We’ll be happy to show you different materials and colors to match your home’s interior and exterior and find an option that fits your budget. Remember, financing options are available! Call us or contact us through our online contact form.