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  1. What Is a Bow Window?
  2. Why Use Our Downers Grove Bow Window Installers?
  3. You Have a Guarantee?
  4. Will You Match My Home’s Interior and Exterior?
  5. How Many Window Installations Have You Done?
  6. Hire Our Downers Grove Bow Window Installers

Bow windows are one of the more complicated kinds of window installations, but they also could raise the value of your home by a lot! This is one job you don’t want to DIY. You need a professional bow window installer from Opal Enterprises.

Our team can come to your Downers Grove home to install the perfect bow window in your home. You’ll get more space inside, far more light, an upgrade to your home’s beauty, and an eye-catching feature that will impress your neighbors and potential buyers.

What Is a Bow Window?

A bow window is a long curved set of windows shaped like an archery bow. There are at least three panels, but usually four or more. Unlike the bay window, the curve is more gradual. Bay windows use sharp angles to make a trapezoid shape.

Bow windows allow a lot of natural light to enter a room, making these great for rooms that don’t face the sun. The bow shape makes a great place for a bench, a plant display, or a reading nook. You can also add storage space under the windows inside of the bow shape.

Depending on your home’s structure, you can add a bow window that curves around a corner to give a rounded feature. And because they project outward into the yard, opening these windows can create excellent airflow.

They also project outward less than a bay window. If your home is right on the property line and you cannot install a bay without crossing it, a bow window might give you the same advantages without a property dispute.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Why Use Our Downers Grove Bow Window Installers?

We train our installers to provide you with the best bow window products and procedures on the market. We send our installers to get trained directly by major window manufacturers like Andersen so you get the perfect bow window installation.

A bow window will improve your home’s beauty and value, while also keeping your utility bills down and the temperature stable. If your windows are over 15 years old, you could save money on your energy bills through advances in energy efficient windows.

Our extensive window consultation process ensures that there will be no surprises in your installation. We’ll show you the designs and colors available, go to your home to inspect the space before installation, and work with your schedule to finish the job with a minimum of mess, all while guaranteeing the results.

You Have a Guarantee?

We do! Opal Enterprises has a lifetime labor warranty on all of our work. As long as you own the home and we worked on the window, you can submit a warranty claim to see if there was a problem with installation. If there was, we’ll fix it!

You’ll also get covered by the warranties of our window manufacturers. If we discover that there was a defect in the product, we’ll see if you’re covered and help you file the claim. What are some signs that there was a problem with your new window?

  • Condensation between the glass panes
  • Trouble opening or closing the window
  • Frames feel weak or soft
  • Energy bills suddenly rise after new installation

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Will You Match My Home’s Interior and Exterior?

Our design experts will work with you to find the perfect window color match for your home’s interior and exterior. Depending on your colors, you may need to select a particular window material to match because not all materials can match all colors.

Wood can match any color through painting and staining, but wood also requires the most upkeep and is vulnerable to insect and water damages. More modern vinyl, fiberglass, and composite materials are durable, energy efficient, and can be dyed a variety of colors.

If you have color swatches of your interior and exterior colors, take them to one of our showrooms and compare them with the windows on display. You can also call us for a design consultation and we’ll go through the color catalogs with you to find the perfect match.

How Many Window Installations Have You Done?

By this point, we’ve installed thousands of windows throughout Downers Grove and the Chicagoland suburbs. We’ve been installing windows since 2003 with a focus on high-quality windows and expert craftsmanship.

We’ve had many customers leave glowing reviews on Google, Facebook, and Houzz about our bow window installations. Most of our new business comes from referrals from satisfied customers. It’s how we’ve grown into such a large and successful business!

Hire Our Downers Grove Bow Window Installers

Explore the possibilities of a bow window in your home by calling us to get an in-home consultation meeting. We’ll assess the scope of your project, measure and inspect the space you want for your bow window, and our design team will get to work.

After you’ve chosen the perfect bow window from our design options, our Downers Grove bow window installation team will get to work making your dream window a reality. Once installed, we’ll do a last inspection with you, show you how to operate the window, and tell you how to care for your investment.

We can also discuss financing options with you during your initial consultation. Get started by reaching out to Opal Enterprises by phone or contacting us through our website.