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How We Install New Bow Windows in Elmhurst Homes What to Expect from a Professional Bow Window Installer in Elmhurst, IL Signs You Need to Install New Bow Windows or Replace Old Ones Cost of Installing a Bow Window in Elmhurst, IL Pros of Installing a New Bow Window in Your Home Hire the Best Elmhurst Bow Window Installation Company 

When bow windows are installed correctly, they’ll add more elegance and style to your home in Elmhurst, Illinois. These windows are known to not only make your home more valuable but also retain a sizable percentage of their market value. So, if you were to sell your home today, the value would still be the same and you would recoup that investment. 

However, because of the complicated installation process, it’s important to allow the best Elmhurst bow window installation service to handle this aspect of your home upgrade for you. Opal Exteriors has experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable bow window installers who are the best in the business, and will do a great job of putting these windows in your home.

How We Install New Bow Windows in Elmhurst Homes

At Opal Exteriors, our trained bow window installation professionals always apply the latest and most effective techniques when they’re replacing or putting in new windows. This is possible because of our process:

  • First, we’ll visit your property to assess the condition of the home and the bow window needs
  • Then, we’ll give you an estimate for the project
  • If you agree, we’ll move forward and begin the design or construction of the windows
  • Once the windows are ready, we’ll get to work installing them in your preferred rooms
  • Whilst we’re doing this, we’ll keep you informed of the progress
  • After the project is completed, we’ll also follow up with a post-project call to make sure you’re happy with the work we did for you

All our bow windows are of great quality and are constructed with the best materials. For instance, we always use energy-efficient windows with good Energy Star ratings. And our installation technicians are smart, competent, and incredibly skilled. 

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What to Expect from a Professional Bow Window Installer in Elmhurst, IL

The average homeowner expects a window installation contractor to be competent, skilled, professional, effective, and punctual. Thankfully, all our technicians are trained to be all of these, as well as being considerate of the homeowner’s feelings and concerns. 

We have a flawless window installation approach that delights all our clients. Also, we make sure to always complete all clients’ needs in a satisfactory manner. We offer a wide range of window options so that you can make the right choice for your home. 

Some of these options include:

  • A wide number of window customization options to make your bow windows truly unique, different, and to your taste
  • Reliable and durable windows that come with warranties
  • Energy-efficient windows, which allow you to pay less for your utilities
  • Windows with excellent craftsmanship that’s guaranteed to increase the value of your home

These and more are some of the perks of working with Opal Exteriors if you want to replace or put up new bow windows in your house. 

Signs You Need to Install New Bow Windows or Replace Old Ones

If you’re reading this, chances are you already decided to buy and set up new windows that will flatter and complement your home’s beauty. But sometimes, Elmhurst homeowners don’t even know that they’re due to replace their old windows or just install contemporary bow windows.

If your home is currently exhibiting some or all of the following, then you definitely need to go get new windows:

  • Your windows often have condensation on them or they look foggy, usually between the glass panes.
  • The frames around the window look cracked, splintered, or soft –that’s usually a sign of water damage.
  • The paint on the window frames looks like it has bubbles in it.
  • Your window doesn’t open and close smoothly.
  • There are squeaks when you open or close the window.
  • There’s more heat or cold near the windows –which usually means there’s a draft.

These signs show that it’s time for new windows –preferably a bow window. 

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Cost of Installing a Bow Window in Elmhurst, IL

In Elmhurst, Illinois, a new bow window can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000. The final cost of the project will depend on a few factors:

  • The window materials you choose
  • The quality of the pane
  • The window frames
  • Standard window installation or custom work
  • Whether you’re choosing prefab units or construction from scratch
  • Regular designs or unique designs

If you want a specific number, most homeowners spend an average of $3,600 on new bow windows. So, please note that your final estimate may be below that figure or significantly higher. 

Pros of Installing a New Bow Window in Your Home

Bow windows offer many good benefits. Some of these include:

  • Increased home value
  • Better natural lighting
  • Mental health benefits –simply taking in the beauty outside while in the comfort of your home can calm your mind and soothe your nerves
  • Provides additional space in the rooms where you can place potted plants or turn them into your reading corner 
  • They also provide a sense of roominess in the home by making rooms seem bigger than they are
  • Improves natural airflow and ventilation in the home –their unique angles make it easy for you to open up two o more of the windows to let in more breeze
  • They provide excellent curb appeal
  • They’re excellent for all rooms in the home

Hire the Best Elmhurst Bow Window Installation Company 

If you want to enjoy these benefits and more for many years to come, you need the unmatched craftsmanship of our professional bow window installation technicians in Elmhurst. All our contractors are skilled and trained in modern bow window installation techniques. 

And every project comes with a lifetime labor warranty. So, if you’re not happy, we’ll fix the problem at no extra cost to you. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and only use the best window materials for your budget. 

Speaking of budgets, we are flexible in our ability to make the most of your budget. At Opal Exteriors, we are committed to transforming your house into a gorgeous home. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project or request an estimate.