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  1. What Are Your Siding Options?
  2. Things to Consider Before Hiring a Siding Installation Contractor in Elmhurst, IL
  3. Why Hire Our Elmhurst Siding Installation Contractors?
  4. Contact Our Professional Elmhurst Siding Installation Contractors

Are you thinking of replacing the old siding in your home with a new one? Or do you want to install a befitting new siding on your new home? If yes, then, Opal Enterprises’ experienced siding installation contractors can install your new siding on the property.

We have installed beautiful, long-lasting, and durable siding on many homes in Elmhurst and other towns and cities in DuPage County, Illinois. We’re the premier quality siding installation company serving residents of Elmhurst and the greater DuPage county. 

If you need quality siding materials and want them to be installed by the best Elmhurst siding installation contractors, feel free to get in touch with us today. Our installers are very professional, skilled, and capable of doing only the best siding installation work. 

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What Are Your Siding Options?

There are many types of siding that you can use for your home. These options are all available in the market. Some of the more common siding options include:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Board siding
  • Insulated vinyl siding
  • Stone veneer siding
  • Fiber cement siding
  • Stone siding
  • Natural wood siding
  • Composite siding
  • Metal siding
  • Manufactured wood siding
  • LP Smartside

Take the Weather into Consideration

While we have a comprehensive list of siding materials that you can use for your home, it is important to note that you cannot use some of them in Illinois –not if you want them to last. For example, although natural wood siding looks nice, it will break down very quickly here because of the prolonged exposure to moisture, heat, and snow. 

Instead, you need to consider the weather and climate in Elmhurst before buying your siding materials. Some of the best siding for the weather in Illinois are insulated vinyl siding, stone veneer siding, fiber cement siding, board siding, and vinyl siding. These work great for the Illinois climate, tend to last a lot longer, and can lower energy costs

It is important to take note of this because every siding installation professional has their preferred materials. These are typically products that they have worked with in the past or those they understand. However, just because they specialize in those products and recommend them doesn’t mean that they are the perfect siding product for your Elmhurst home. 

At Opal Enterprises, we so value our customers and prioritize their comfort above all else. This is why we only carry the best siding materials in the market for the Illinois climate. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Siding Installation Contractor in Elmhurst, IL

It’s not enough to just hire any siding installation contractor in Elmhurst. You need to be sure of the value that they bring, as well as, their ability to do the job well. Here are some things you should take into consideration when you’re in the market for one:

Expertise and Siding Product Knowledge

It’s possible to use a great product and still get sub-par performance because the person who installed the product had no experience. For instance, an experienced siding installer knows that you need to nail vinyl siding down hard or it’ll fall off pretty soon. 

They also know just how much space is necessary between fasteners. Newbie or less experienced siding installation contractors don’t know these and will likely make those mistakes. This goes to show that the difference between a poorly done siding project and a great one can be experience and detailed knowledge of the product. 

Access to a Select Number of Siding Options

Not all siding options work for all climates. There are siding options that are great for cold weather locations e.g. stone veneer and fiber cement, and those that are great for warm weather locations e.g. wood and stucco. You want to make sure that your siding contractor only carries and uses the right type of siding materials for Illinois weather –we do this at Opal Enterprises.

Proof of License, Bond, and Insurance

An unlicensed or uninsured contractor is a disaster waiting to happen to you. By this, we mean that if they get hurt or someone on their team gets injured while working on your project, you may be held liable and have to pay for their treatment. So, always make sure that your siding contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. 

These are just some of the key things to look for in an Elmhurst siding installation contractor. Others include good work history, repeat customers – this shows that they know what they’re doing, and the customers were so happy with the previous job that they had to come back or refer them, and available product and labor warranties.

Why Hire Our Elmhurst Siding Installation Contractors?

At Opal Enterprises, we carry a wide range of climate-compatible siding products that offer some of the best durability and reliability benefits. Our siding installation technicians are very skilled, experienced, and professional. 

We are a reputable siding installation company in Illinois and have decades of customer goodwill because of our excellent and top-class services. Our expertise means that we can work with and install pretty much all siding materials.

We’re great at designing stone siding elements so that they elevate your home’s exterior and improve its appearance. Our skills and professionalism are why hundreds of Illinois homeowners have trusted us with their siding construction and installation.

We also offer convenient financing options that make it easy for you to take delivery of your siding and have it installed. With us, you never have to worry about affordability or flexibility in payments. We make all that available to you.  

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Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Contact Our Professional Elmhurst Siding Installation Contractors

With top-of-the-line siding products and technicians, you can be sure that you’ll receive first-class siding installation services in Elmhurst, IL. We are dedicated to transforming your home’s exterior so that it looks really awesome.

If you’re thinking of installing new siding or doing some siding replacement in Elmhurst, feel free to contact us to discuss the details of your project today.