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  1. Why Choose James Hardie Siding Over Other Siding Options?
  2. Cost of Installing James Hardie Siding in Elmhurst Homes
  3. Is James Hardie Siding the Best for Elmhurst Properties?
  4. Choose Our Elmhurst James Harding Siding Contractors

Your Elmhurst home’s siding is in direct contact with harsh weather elements 24/7. From the sun to rain to snow, wind, heat, and cold… it pretty much takes a beating all day. This is why it is important to choose and install the hardiest siding in the market. 

James Hardie fiber cement is one of the toughest and most durable siding materials that you can use to protect your home’s walls. They are designed and manufactured to handle whatever nature throws at them. And they do so while staying beautiful and needing little to no frequent maintenance. 

However, to ensure that they are properly installed and you get the most value from them, you need a siding contractor in Elmhurst, IL to install your James Hardie siding in your home. Opal Enterprises has Elite Preferred James Hardie siding installation technicians that can do this for you at an affordable rate. 

Why Choose James Hardie Siding Over Other Siding Options?

Your home deserves the very best protection from harsh weather elements. And while some folks say that any siding will work, the reality is not all siding options will last while remaining beautiful. When it comes to siding products in the market, James Harding siding is one of the finest options that you can use for your home. 

Here’s why:

Tested Against Worst Climate Issues

With growing concerns regarding climate change, you want a siding that can withstand natural disasters like fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and excessive heat. 

James Hardie siding has been engineered to withstand such extreme climate incidents. If any siding stands a chance of weathering any of these harsh climate issues, it’s James Hardie fiber cement siding.

Great for Our Climate

When you buy a siding product, it is important to make sure that the siding works for your specific climate. For instance, even though many homeowners use natural wood siding, the reality is that natural wood won’t last in Elmhurst and Illinois weather. 

It will break down due to the extreme weather conditions here. James Hardie siding products, on the other hand, are specifically designed for our weather. It will easily last long and remain durable for a long time without cracking, swelling, or breaking off.

Resistant to Rot and Moisture

Moisture and prolonged exposure to humidity are a bad combination for most siding materials. Not James Hardie exterior improvement products. They are engineered to easily withstand snow, sleet, and rain without necessarily breaking down, cracking, or swelling. 

And because of the proprietary paint technology backing it, the paint won’t fade for at least 15 years. This means that your siding will look great for years without needing any touch-ups.

Reasonable Protection from Fire

With rising climate temperatures, the risk of fire-related natural disasters has increased. Therefore, you want to make sure that, if there’s a fire, your home will have some modicum of fire protection. James Hardie siding products are non-combustible and designed in such as way that they won’t fuel fire or ignite. 

This provides your home with an extra layer of protection and increases your chances of not losing your home to natural fires or those from other properties. For example, a family was saved because they had James Hardie siding in their home. 

These are just a few of the many benefits of James Hardie siding in Elmhurst. If you’d like to know more, feel free to ask us any questions and we’ll answer. 

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Cost of Installing James Hardie Siding in Elmhurst Homes

Installing a James Hardie siding costs anywhere from $7 to $17.50 per square foot. So, if you’re installing it on a 1,000 sq ft home, that’ll come to between $7,000 and $17,500. Please note that this is a price range. The average cost of James Hardie siding per sqft is about $12.

However, your final estimate will be based on the type of James Hardie siding you want, the size of the building, the project specifics, the trims, where your home is located in Elmhurst, IL, and whether it’s a vertical or horizontal placement. 

Other factors that can influence the price include whether you want to do the installation yourself –although we don’t recommend that as contractors typically undergo specific training to install James Hardie siding. 

So, unless you’re qualified or have the skills, it’s best to let a pro install the James Hardie siding on your home. It’s important to request an estimate from our team at Opal Enterprises. We’ll be able to give you a price range that’s specific to your needs and situation. 

Is James Hardie Siding the Best for Elmhurst Properties?

Yes, it is an amazing siding option for properties in Elmhurst and the whole of Illinois. This is because of the materials and technology backing the siding. James Hardie siding is known as one of the finest in the industry, backed by proprietary technology and guaranteed durability. But that’s not all. 

When you’re building or renovating a property, it’s no longer enough to just build and reinforce the exterior with any available siding. The growing threats of climate change-related natural disasters mean that you have to go the extra mile to reinforce your home’s structure.

James Hardie siding not only makes it possible to never have to worry about siding for the next 50 years –apart from routine painting every 15+ years– but it can also shield you and your loved ones from the fallouts of natural disasters, and play a role in keeping you safe.  

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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Choose Our Elmhurst James Harding Siding Contractors

Installing James Hardie siding requires the expertise of experienced, skilled, and specially trained James Harding siding contractors in Elmhurst, IL. At Opal Enterprises, our installation team is incredibly skilled at installing James Hardie siding in Illinois homes.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Our commitment to excellent customer satisfaction means that we go all out to make sure that we do quality work. And it shows as evidenced in the tons of positive reviews we’ve had as well as referrals and repeat business from customers.

Let’s help transform your home’s exterior today. Contact us to request a quote.