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Patio Door Styles Available to Homeowners in Elmhurst Installing an Energy Efficient Patio Door Can Lower Your Elmhurst Home’s Energy Bill Patio Door Brands We Work With to Beautify Your Elmhurst Home We Offer 35% off Patio Door Installations Performed in Elmhurst Contact Our Patio Door Installation Team in Elmhurst to Schedule Your Free Consultation

Installing an elegant entry to your backyard space will impress your guests as they make their way out to your patio to enjoy some fresh air and natural scenery. That being said, it’s important to choose a door that blends well with your home’s exterior.

A patio door that sticks out like a sore thumb will only make your home look awkward and inconsistent. Fortunately, our Elmhurst, IL, patio door installation team at Opal Enterprises can help you find a door that perfectly suits your home.

We offer a wide variety of patio door styles, features, and customizable options, all at a reasonable price. Our friendly team will help you narrow down your choices until you’re left with a patio door guaranteed to stun even the most design-savvy visitors.

Patio Door Styles Available to Homeowners in Elmhurst

We’d love for you to come visit one of our showrooms in Naperville or Des Plaines so you can see for yourself how stunning and functional our patio door styles are. If you can’t make it to one of our locations, don’t worry. We can schedule a free virtual or in-person (we’ll come to you) consultation to get you better acquainted with the following patio door styles:

  • French doors. Installing French patio doors in your Elmhurst home will give your backyard area a mature and worldly atmosphere. They’re also great for improving your home’s energy efficiency, and are exceptionally resistant to high winds and harsh weather.
  • Folding doors. Our folding doors come with a well-designed sliding track that allows you to push the doors aside whenever you’re making your way out to the patio. The folding doors we carry are incredibly attractive, and are sure to offer a visually pleasing compliment to your outdoor space.
  • Sliding doors. Sliding doors are great for letting more light and fresh air into your home. With the addition of the security bar, they can also offer a substantial amount of protection against intruders.

Questions? Call 847-380-8868 in Des Plaines and 630-355-6557 in Naperville

Installing an Energy Efficient Patio Door Can Lower Your Elmhurst Home’s Energy Bill

Interested in reducing your home’s energy consumption and lowering your monthly utility bill? Our patio door installers in Elmhurst can help you find a patio door that saves energy and money! All of our energy-efficient doors are certified by EnergyStar® , so you can trust that your new patio door will help you save.

Here are some of the energy-efficient features our patio doors come with:

  • Low-E glass. Our Low-E glass patio doors are specifically designed to reflect the sun’s rays during those sweltering summer months, and reduce the amount of excess heat that enters your home. That way, you won’t have to waste energy by blasting the AC all day.
  • Double-paned glass. Our double paned glass contains special gasses that insulate your home, stop heat from escaping and entering, and lower your energy use.
  • Spacer systems. Our patio doors come with built-in spacer systems that allow them to adapt to outdoor temperature changes, mitigate cold and heat transfer, and ultimately save you money on your energy bill.

Patio Door Brands We Work With to Beautify Your Elmhurst Home

The patio door brands we work with are some of the best in the industry. They make products that are built to last, proven to increase energy-efficiency, and guaranteed to elevate your Elmhurst home’s appearance. We’re thrilled to have the privilege to carry and install products from the following patio door manufacturers:

  • Andersen. Andersen patio doors are designed to withstand years and years of weathering a regular use. They’re also extraordinarily energy efficient, and their sturdy materials will be sure to prevent break-ins. Andersen’s catalog is staggeringly extensive, but our installation team in Elmhurst will help you find a door that suits your needs.
  • ProVia. ProVia doors are designed and built with amazing attention to detail. The craftsmanship that goes into their patio doors makes them some of the highest quality products on the market. Installing a new ProVia patio door in your Elmhurst home will give you a remarkably sophisticated entry to your backyard.
  • Alside. Patio doors by Alside are a great choice if you’re a homeowner who wants their door to look amazing all year round, but doesn’t put much effort into maintaining it. While Alside patio doors are exceptionally durable and weather resistant, they’re also beautifully made and will be sure to add a classy touch to your home’s exterior.

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We Offer 35% off Patio Door Installations Performed in Elmhurst

We love to help our customers save money on our services, and get access to them as soon as they need them. That’s why we offer a 35% off labor discount on all patio door installations in Elmhurst, IL. This discount will help you lower your installation bill, but if you need a little more assistance paying for your new patio door, we have the perfect option for you.

Our financing plans can help you get your new door installation done before the cold weather comes around and makes it inconvenient for you to be without a door for an hour. We work with some of the most trusted names in financing to give you payment plans you need to improve your home now!

Contact Our Patio Door Installation Team in Elmhurst to Schedule Your Free Consultation

Our team is excited to get the ball rolling on your Elmhurst patio door installation. During your free consultation, they’ll ask you about your exterior remodeling goals, your aesthetic preferences, and your budget. Once they know a little more about what you’re looking for in a patio door, they’ll help you find one that ticks all your boxes.

Don’t wait to get started on your patio door installation project! If cost is an issue, we can help you out with our generous specials and financing plans. One way or another, Opal Enterprises will make sure you get the patio door you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to get started.