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  1. Styles of Patio Doors You Can Choose From
  2. What Are the Benefits of Installing a Patio Door in Winnetka?
  3. How Can You Personalize Your Patio Door?
  4. Contact Us Today for a Free Quote for Your Winnetka Patio Door

A patio door is an easy way to enhance your home’s atmosphere and provide numerous benefits. If you’ve been considering a patio door installation, our team of Winnetka door professionals can help you with the process.

At Opal Enterprises, we install top-quality patio doors that will give your home a makeover for an affordable price. Our team is passionate about what we do, and we’re excited to show you what we can do for you.

Styles of Patio Doors You Can Choose From

When you’re considering a patio door installation, the first thing you need to decide is which style you want for your home. Our Winnetka patio door installers can install the following patio door styles:

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are a practical option, allowing wide openings for easy access between indoor and outdoor spaces. With minimal obstruction, they promote seamless flow between home and yard. Their modern aesthetic adds appeal to any exterior.

Sliders are also versatile, coming in configurations of two to six panels or more. Multiple sliding panels provide extra light and ventilation along spacious wall openings.

The smooth horizontal motion makes the door easy to operate for all ages. For large families or gathering spaces, sliding doors allow maximum views and sunlight.

Hinged Patio Doors

Hinged doors provide classic charm and curb appeal. Their swinging function allows for clearer views when open. Sidelights complement the architectural style and introduce natural light. Quality craftsmanship ensures lasting beauty and convenience.

The swinging operation of a hinged door provides full access to the backyard through a wide single panel. Sidelights on each side expand visibility to a home’s exterior. Often available with decorative glass options, hinged doors bring enduring beauty to traditional design. Operable sidelights improve ventilation as well.

Single Door Patio Doors

A single patio door is ideally sized for high-traffic areas. Its generous panel of glass optimizes views and brightens interior rooms elegantly. Simple to use for daily entry and exit, it enables an easy transition between a home and a property.

A wide single door makes getting in and out simple while allowing views beyond the opening. Integrated blinds and shades offer options for light and privacy control.

A slim door profile keeps walkways unblocked yet ample. Single doors provide straightforward elegance for transitioning between indoors and outdoors.

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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What Are the Benefits of Installing a Patio Door in Winnetka?

You need a new patio door, and installing a new one will give you peace of mind once it’s done. However, there are several other benefits of installing a new patio door that you may be surprised to learn. When our installation team in Winnetka installs a new door for your patio area, you can:

Enhance Your Indoor-Outdoor Experience

Make the most of your backyard oasis by removing barriers between inside and out. Our multi-sliding and single-panel doors come in extra-wide sizes to truly connect your living areas to patios, decks, and even a garden. Seamlessly transition between activities inside the home and outdoor entertainment, meals, or relaxation.

Sidelight windows provide more brightness on either side of the door while expanding your field of view. Operable sidelights add ventilation and further dissolve the line between interior and exterior living. Whether hosting gatherings or enjoying quiet time with loved ones, a new patio door fosters indoor-outdoor living.

Raise Your Home’s Value

Outdated doors, especially older sliders, can lower curb appeal and perceived home value. Modernizing this architectural element through replacement is a highly visible and affordable remodeling project.

New patio doors at our company adhere to all energy codes to optimize utility savings now and potential returns later. Our installations deliver not only stunning aesthetics but also increased energy efficiency. Upgraded doors also open up previously underused or dark spaces, providing additional comfort and usable square footage.

Increase Natural Light and Ventilation

Outdated sliders and rear doors that are old, drafty, or damaged can block valuable light from entering your home. Installing a new patio door is an affordable way to brighten up your living spaces naturally. Our wide variety of innovative door designs optimize views, fresh air flow, and cross breezes without compromising security or noise pollution from the outside.

Multiple panes and large single panels flood interior rooms with natural daylight. This improves ambiance and connects you to the outdoors.

Fresh air circulation is also increased through purposeful glass configurations. No matter your family’s needs, we have a patio door style that enhances light and ventilation in a functional yet attractive way.

How Can You Personalize Your Patio Door?

In addition to choosing the style of your patio door, you can choose the material and color of your patio door. At Opal Enterprises, we offer the following materials for patio doors:


Fiberglass patio doors combine durability with low maintenance. They won’t rust, rot, dent, or need painting like other materials.

Fiberglass retains its factory finish for years while resisting impacts that would damage wood or vinyl. It provides excellent insulation for energy efficiency as well.


Vinyl doors are highly water-resistant and never need painting. They come in sleek frame profiles and have custom color options for any exterior.

Vinyl withstands all kinds of weather and resists denting or damage. For low-maintenance and contemporary appeal, vinyl is a top choice.


Wood patio doors bring natural warmth and charm. Types like cedar hold up beautifully outdoors.

While requiring periodic sealing or staining, wood enhances curb appeal for traditional homes. Clad or composite wood options mimic the look with easier upkeep.

Choosing a material depends on your project goals. Consider aesthetics, climate, maintenance preferences, and budget. We’ll help you select the best patio door material to integrate functionality with your unique design needs and vision.

We work with notable brands like ProVia and Andersen Windows & Doors that can make custom patio doors, depending on your request. When you meet with our team, we can tell you more about your options if you are interested.

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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Contact Us Today for a Free Quote for Your Winnetka Patio Door

At Opal Enterprises, our Winnetka patio door installers are here to help you create your dream home, starting with upgrading your patio. We’re ready to start working with you and hear about your ideas.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can install your patio door.