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Andersen Sliding Patio Door Options

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  1. Andersen 100 Series
  2. Andersen 200 Series Narroline
  3. Andersen 400 Series 
  4. The A-Series 
  5. The E-Series 
  6. The Andersen and Opal Partnership 

Andersen windows and doors are top-rated manufacturers that work hand in hand with Opal. They offer low-maintenance products, easy-to-open doors, and space-saving features.

Andersen doors are flush with your wall, so you do not worry about taking up too much space and can access your outdoor areas quickly. Sliding glass doors from Andersen can be placed on your patio or deck. 

Andersen 100 Series

The 100 Series offers Fibrex 2x stronger than most vinyl when looking for a low-maintenance option. This series is available in multiple configurations with one, two, or three sashes. 

It is available in standard options or custom sizes as well. Interior color options include black, white, dark bronze, and sandstone, with the same colors for the exterior. Accessory options include three hardware styles with seven finish options. 

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Andersen 200 Series Narroline

The thinnest frame that Andersen offers with wood protected by a vinyl exterior. These patio doors have rigid vinyl cladding and protection inside and out. They are available in a two-panel configuration. 

Interior and exterior colors include white, black canvas, and sandstone. There are six hardware and nine finish options. You can select custom sizes if you need them, but they also come in standard sizes. 

Andersen 400 Series 

The best-selling sliding patio door is the 400 series, a classic style that offers a blind between the glass option. When you are trying to achieve a classic french door look but also want to save space, then the 400 series is the way to go. 

Interior colors include oak, pine, and maple. Exterior colors are sandstone, terratone, and Forest green. It is made of wood and vinyl materials to get protection from the outdoors without additional maintenance. They come in 2-panel and 4-panel options with nine finish options.  

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The A-Series 

Known for being the best performing, the A-series offers wood protected by a fiberglass exterior and is ideal for classic architecture. You get the look of french doors without the hinged door. 

Interior colors are pine and maple, with exterior colors in sandstone, forest green, and terratone. You can choose from almost any color or style. There are unfinished, strained, and natural wood options to achieve a traditional or modern look. 

You can choose from eight hardware and nine finish options. They are available in single, 2-panel, 3-panel, and 4-panel standard sizes. 

The E-Series 

The E-series is the most customizable from Andersen and comes in a classic contemporary style. You can find custom colors and various interior options to make a truly custom look. They are made of wood and protected by an aluminum exterior. 

Interior and exterior color options are white, black, sandstone, and canvas. You have single, 2-panel, and 4-panel configuration options and seven hardware variations. 

The Andersen and Opal Partnership 

Andersen offers various options and accessories to help your home reflect your style. You can choose different glass, grille, and hardware options. There are also energy-efficient glass options. 

Opal is an authorized dealer, meaning we work directly with the manufacturer to help Naperville homeowners. Visit the Opal Naperville showroom to learn more about your Andersen sliding patio door options.