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Andersen 100 Series Windows/Patio Doors and Their Benefits

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  1. Fibrex Is Durable 
  2. They Are Energy Efficient 
  3. Glass for Peak Performance 
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Design and aesthetics are important aspects of choosing a new window or patio door. Replacing your windows changes the entire look and feel of your home. You will want a window that is energy efficient and durable. 

Andersen Windows & Doors provides a range of styles, patterns, and designs to choose from that fit any aesthetic in your Naperville, IL, area home. You can choose from different stains, grille patterns, and hardware while getting excellent energy efficiency and durability. 

Fibrex Is Durable 

The Andersen 100 Series is an entry-level window and patio door option. The windows are low maintenance and long-lasting to deliver best-in-class performance. The window’s exterior does not fade, peel, blister, or flake, so you know your windows will look new for years to come.

Andersen windows use durable materials such as Fibrex composite, which is twice as strong as traditional vinyl. Fibrex combines vinyl and wood features for a structurally strong window or patio door. It also helps the environment by using 40% reclaimed wood fiber. There is also a special polymer that adds to the performance of the window. 

Andersen’s Fibrex material can withstand Naperville’s severe temperatures, especially in the winter months, as well as temperatures up to 150 degrees. The material is weathertight from the moment of installation and beyond. Fibrex is an Andersen creation and exclusive to their brand. You cannot find it anywhere else.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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They Are Energy Efficient 

Andersen windows and patio doors in the 100 Series are energy efficient and have gained the ENERGY STAR certificate. Your home will have lower heating and cooling bills with energy-efficient windows and patio doors. 

There is also a thermal transfer nearly 700 times better than aluminum. Your home will be at peak performance when you replace your window or patio door with Andersen.

Glass for Peak Performance 

The Andersen 100 Series has various glass designs to meet your needs. You will need glass to withstand weather changes. Glass can also help reduce your energy bill by keeping heat inside the home. 

Patterned glass adds privacy and design features while also maximizing performance. You do not have to skip on aesthetics to get durability and performance. When manufacturing glass, there are a few things to consider:

The opening mechanism for your door is also essential, and Andersen offers several lock options such as:

  • Standard lock and keeper
  • Metal slide line lock 
  • Sash lift

One other option you can add to your patio door or your windows is grids. There are different types and patterns of grids for you to choose from. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Schedule an Opal Enterprises Expert Installation 

Anderson Windows & Doors is highly selective of the installers they choose to work with. Opal Enterprises is one of the few factory-trained dealers Anderson works with for installation services. The Andersen team trains us on installation and procedures for their replacement windows. 

We are now a certified Andersen Dealer offering high-performance replacement windows across the Chicagoland area. Contact Opal Enterprises to get your Andersen windows or patio doors project off the ground.