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A Homeowner’s Need to Find a Trustworthy & Reliable Window Replacement Contractor

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  1. A Homeowner’s Need to Find a Trustworthy & Reliable Window Replacement Contractor

A Homeowner’s Need to Find a Trustworthy & Reliable Window Replacement Contractor

Naperville homeowners Jim and Jo Ellyn first contacted Opal back in 2014 regarding making upgrades to their home. Keeping in contact over the years, the couple felt it was time to begin their 1991 home’s renovations, as the original Andersen windows were now worn, drafty, and discolored. Replacing them would not only help with aesthetics but it would improve the home’s energy efficiency. In addition to needing new windows, a few of their home’s dormers were suffering from rotting wood.

The couple explained that it was important for the contractors they select to be reliable, provide quality workmanship, and reasonable pricing. It was of great importance to them that the job gets completed correctly the first time, and for the contractor to stand behind the work done.

Having issues in the past with other contractors, Jim and Jo Ellyn were concerned they wouldn’t find a contractor to be trustworthy and reliable– until they remembered Opal Exteriors from years before and learned that several of their neighbors had work done by Opal.

A unique need that they had was their requirement to replace all of their stained oak casement trim and the addition of trim around the exterior of the windows. For cost efficiency, the homeowners sought out having Anderson Conversion Kits installed. Though not a service Opal typically provides, Opal’s Stacey and Jason were able to work out options to complete this job for them.

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Jim expressed to Opal that he was happy with not being pressured by Jason during the sales process. Jason was thorough and happy to provide ample information to help them find the right solution for the home. Jim explained that the sales process was straightforward with no gimmicks, and he appreciated that the written estimate was detailed with no hidden charges.

Happy with what was presented, Jim and Jo Ellyn had 25 Andersen 400 Series Windows installed.

During installation, Jim explained that the crew was very thorough with getting the job completed correctly. Some additional exterior wood was rotted when uncovered, to which the crew explained what the issues were and how they were going to correct it. The homeowners appreciated that the crew was very knowledgeable and considerate throughout the installation, and that Jack was exceptionally responsive whenever Jim needed to get ahold of him.

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Pleased with how well their property was treated and the cleanliness during and afterwards, the homeowners are beyond happy with their upgrades and shared that they will absolutely recommend Opal Exteriors to their friends and family because of Opal’s reliability, quality of work, and fair pricing.