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How Deerbrook Homeowners Smartly Put the “Win” in Windows

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Homeowners John and Kathy were looking to have 17 original windows on their residence built in 2000. Old and drafty, the couple wanted these windows replaced as soon as possible! Having researched contractors online they reached out to Opal first for an estimate based on the high ratings and stellar testimonials they read.

With a little experience working with contractors in the past on minor jobs, this was by far the biggest project they were having done to date and knew that they were looking for quality of work and product, reliability from the crew and business, as well as excellent communication. After speaking with Jason at Opal, they canceled the scheduled quote with a different company with confidence that choosing Opal was the best contractor they were going to find.

What happened next confirmed that they had made the right decision in choosing Opal because the other company constantly kept calling them to try and schedule a meeting. They had to go as far as blocking the phone number from the other company.

Jason walked through timelines with John and Kathy, Opal’s 2-step estimate process, and discussed financing options after learning that was of interest to them. John explained in a satisfaction survey that he felt no pressure from Jason and appreciated how straightforward he was.

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Pleased with the timeline and estimate, Opal began work on John and Kathy’s home. The couple selected to replace 14 windows to start with black Anderson 100 series windows. They intend on having Opal replace additional windows at a later time.

John explained that he was confident this job would be completed correctly the first time, especially after reading Opal’s online reviews. Jack, the crew manager, meticulously measured the windows and kept in communication about the timeline. Originally the job was thought to take 3-4 days for the install, but the crew worked fluidly and completed the job in half the time. The homeowners were happy that the crew was keen to detail and cleaned up well after themselves. They took care of the house as they worked, putting down tarps and cleaning up any trash or debris as they went.

Any questions or concerns that arose, they were able to reach an Opal employee and get a response promptly. They appreciated that they were even able to text Jason at any time of day and hear back from him fast.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

Call For More Information (888) 676-OPAL

John and Kathy exclaimed how they would recommend Opal to their friends and family and also shared that they would be contacting Opal for additional window replacement projects and any other issues or upgrades they may need in the future. They love their Anderson 100 black windows and were happy to work with Opal!