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Reasons to Hire an Andersen Certified Contractor

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  1. Opal Exteriors Offer All the Services of a Certified Contractor and More
  2. Training That Gives Homeowners Confidence in Their Investment
  3. The Advantages of Partnering With an Andersen Certified Contractor
  4. What does This Mean for You, the Homeowner?
  5. Why You Should Choose Our Andersen Certified Dealers
  6. Our Installation Process Is Similar to That of an Andersen Certified Contractor
  7. Our Clients Have Nothing but Positive Things to Say About Us
  8. Hire an Andersen Certified Dealer From Opal

The Andersen Certified Contractor program trains home improvement professionals in the correct methods for installing high-quality Andersen Windows & Doors products.

For more than a century, Andersen has ranked among the industry leaders in innovation, using a selection of durable materials to design and craft long-lasting, easy-maintenance products that deliver best-in-class performance.

But given that proper installation is critical to the performance of any product, no matter how well made, Andersen is selective about its authorized dealers.

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Opal Exteriors Offer All the Services of a Certified Contractor and More

While Opal Enterprises isn’t technically a certified Andersen contractor, we can perform the same services as one. In fact, we’re a step above a contractor, and we take pride in our status as a certified Andersen dealer.

As an Andersen dealer, our team has had to undergo more extensive training than that which is required of contractors. We’ve also had to hold ourselves to higher standards, and have spent years improving our services to prove to Andersen that we’re worthy of the title.

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Training That Gives Homeowners Confidence in Their Investment

Choosing an Andersen window or door means that you trust the product to perform exactly as designed. To ensure that homeowners are absolutely confident about investing in Andersen products, a select number of experienced contractors have enrolled in the Andersen Certified Contractor program.

This three-hour, intensive webinar training program gives installers the knowledge they need to masterfully complete all the steps involved in installing Andersen windows and doors. In addition, installers must agree to abide by all applicable building codes and regulations and follow Andersen’s installation training guidelines, techniques, and future recommendations.

After installers complete the program, they can be regarded as professionals who can bring a homeowner’s vision to life with Andersen products.

The Advantages of Partnering With an Andersen Certified Contractor

In addition to product training, Andersen Certified Contractors receive installation resources and support from Andersen, which allows them to provide the right product for residential projects of any size or scope.

A dedicated Andersen business team also backs these professionals and, unlike non-Andersen-certified contractors, have access to premium products.

Contractors understand that with Andersen’s support, their business will be better positioned to thrive. Still, more importantly, customers can trust that their doors and windows will be installed correctly for long-term performance. In a nutshell, Andersen Certified Contractors are:

Dedicated Professionals

They are experienced and expertly trained and demonstrate a passion for quality home improvement with reliable, high-performing windows and doors.

Knowledgeable Craftsmen

Vetted and backed by an industry leader, certified contractors have years of experience and are deeply knowledgeable about window and door installation.

Highly Informed

Andersen Certified Contractors receive ongoing product information and support from Andersen, with access to Andersen’s concierge services that provide them with online tools and resources.


Andersen Certified Contractors stand behind their work, certifying each project through a registration process to qualify that job for a two-year installation warranty.

As an Andersen Certified Dealer, Opal Enterprises goes even further, backing our window and door installations with a lifetime labor warranty. Going the extra mile to make sure clients are happy with the finished product is exactly what sets a certified Andersen dealer apart from a contractor.

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What does This Mean for You, the Homeowner?

When you hire an Andersen Certified Contractor for your exterior renovation project, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality product installed by technicians you can trust. Before a technician can qualify as an Andersen Certified Contractor, they must be thoroughly insured and vetted through a background check.

Furthermore, the education and training our installers undergo give them the knowledge to answer any questions you may have while onsite. And you can feel confident that you are getting questions answered the way Andersen would recommend: accurately and with complete understanding.

Finally, the products we install will always be the latest in window and door technology, whether energy savings, security features, or aesthetics. This is because our Andersen Certified Contractors receive up-to-date information regarding the latest Andersen innovations.

Why You Should Choose Our Andersen Certified Dealers

When you choose our Andersen Certified Dealers, you choose a history of quality built on a solid foundation. Since 2003, we have brought industry expertise, skills, and commitment to every exterior remodeling project we handle.

Since day one, our remodeling approach has been centered around expert craftsmanship, choosing high-end building materials, teamwork, and, most crucially, customer satisfaction.

We attribute this approach to our success as we gained new customers through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients. This helped us establish a solid reputation as a leading contractor in the Naperville-Des Plaines areas.

Our Installation Process Is Similar to That of an Andersen Certified Contractor

Our Andersen Certified Dealer team will thoroughly explain the installation, how the day will go, and answer any questions you may have. Then, they’ll:

  • Carefully prep the area with drop cloths inside and out
  • Remove the old windows and repair anything that may need it
  • Prepare and clean the window opening
  • Install the new Andersen window
  • Seal and insulate the frame and replace the trim
  • Inspect our work, ensuring everything works and looks the way it should
  • Perform a final clean-up, making the area look better than when we arrived

Our Clients Have Nothing but Positive Things to Say About Us

At Opal Enterprises, we’re dedicated to improving your home’s curb appeal at an affordable price. Our certified dealer provides an exceptional quality of service that shows why we’re a cut above Andersen contractors.

We always go above and beyond the expectations of our customers, and they’re always appreciative of it. See for yourself by visiting our reviews and testimonials page. There you can browse a number of life-changing remodeling experiences we’ve facilitated for homeowners just like you.

Hire an Andersen Certified Dealer From Opal

Contact our team if you’re planning a window or door replacement project and would like to partner with an Andersen Certified Dealer. Remember, we’re more than just a contractor. We have access to the entire Andersen portfolio of products, from modern to contemporary styles, that provide stylish and durable options to bring your project to life.

At Opal Enterprises, we work with you one-on-one to help you realize your vision and create a remodeling plan tailored to your wants and needs. And with Andersen Windows & Doors, you’ll experience quality that will last for years and a home that you fall in love with all over again. Call us today.