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Gain attractive design and high quality performance with Andersen Windows, expertly installed by Chicagoland’s trusted Andersen window replacement contractor.


Since Opal Enterprises opened their doors in 2003 we have been installing Andersen windows. It’s the choice window of homeowners and here’s why:

Longevity in the Industry:

Andersen has been making windows since 1903. Our entire team has visited the Andersen Window factory and we were shown the progression of the window industry and how Andersen has always been an innovator. These windows are truly pieces of furniture that compliment your home and offer the functionality and comfort we truly are looking to gain when we purchase new windows.


The support that the Andersen Corporation offers Opal Enterprises as their partner is a benefit to you the homeowner! We believe this window brand to be the most reliable and offers the least amount of headaches to your project.


The Andersen Brand has many lines within it to make sure you get the functionality and comfort you require.



What is is the maintenance required on Andersen windows?

While each window line has its own specific care & maintenance guide (found on the Andersen website) all window care is somewhat similar. Staining: Use a high-quality oil-based stain or paint. (Opal Enterprises custom finishes your windows for you if you wish!) After staining or painting, the surfaces should be finished with a quality, conventional lacquer polyurethane. The Interiors must be finished immediately after installation (Opal finishes the interiors prior to installation to prevent fumes and smells in your home) Do not expose unfinished wood to moisture, excessive heat or humidity. Cleaning: Use a mild detergent, water, soft cloth or soft brush. *Never clean your Andersen glass in direct sunlight.

Are Andersen windows easy to clean?

Yes they are! Double-hung windows made by Andersen are built so you can operate both sashes from the inside of your home and tilt in each sash for easy cleaning. The exception is on the 100-series single-hung windows as only 1 sash operates.

Casement windows crank open with wide enough access for cleaning ease. Picture windows are those that do not operate and must be cleaned from the inside and separately on the outside.

What is the U value/R value of an Andersen window?

What you are likely most interested in is the insulation value of your new windows or you want to make sure they are energy efficient! U-value is common term associated with window units or systems while the term R-value is associated with materials specifically (like siding).
What is U value again?

The lower the U-Value, the more energy efficient the system in question will be. A U-value is typically a low number because it is a rating of how much heat energy is lost or gained.

Rest assured all windows that are manufactured now to meet “code”. What is “code”? Your double-paned windows in our Northern climate region must be .27 or better in U value! We have spec sheets to offer you on each Andersen window line or you can visit the Andersen windows website.

What do new Andersen windows cost?

While the cost of your project will depend on several factors like; size of the window, type of installation chosen (pocket replacement or full-construction), accessories, hardware, interior finishes and glass type. While budgeting for new higher end windows here is what you can plan for:

Fiberglass Insert windows: $800
Fiberglass full construction windows: $1,100
Wood Interior windows: $1,100

*Please note these are average starting prices. When your estimator comes to you home we will offer you an exact quote as we come to understand your remodeling goals!

What is the Andersen Window warranty?

Each window line in the Andersen family comes with its own specific warranty documents that we will provide to you. Your new windows can/should registered with Andersen:

Windows Registration
Storm Doors Registration

While replacement parts are covered in the warranty, very often inspection fees and labor do have costs associated.

All Andersen windows have a glass warranty of 20-years.

All Andersen windows frames have warranty of 10-years on frame and components *brass & nickel hardware as well as retractable screens excluded from this warranty.

What is the labor warranty that Opal will provide to me?

Opal Enterprises as your Andersen window installer will provide to you a 5-year labor warranty so you can rest assured you don’t have to worry about having uncomfortable rooms or non-functional windows! Visit our website here for service support.

What happens when my new windows fog up?

New windows installed in your home can result in a “tighter seal” than the air-leaking windows you might have had prior. Condensation is where moisture collects on the inside of your new windows and is simply a humidity factor that can be reduced in your home. Please find a helpful document about condensation here.

If you cannot “touch” the moisture on the inside of your windows, and the “fog” is on the inside of the window panes, this is called a “seal-failure” and will most likely be under warranty. Contact Opal Enterprises for assistance!

For more common questions like:

  • Will my current blinds still fit with the new windows?
  • Do Andersen windows help with noise canceling?
  • Can I keep my current interior trim with new windows?
  • What qualifies as an “escape” window?
  • Do I have to have tempered glass in a specific window?

Please ask your estimator as each home is unique and we will asses the project when we meet you and your home!


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