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Andersen Windows: Everything You Need to Know



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  1. Why Andersen Windows Is the Choice for Professionals
  2. What Is the Maintenance Required on Andersen Windows?
  3. Are Andersen Windows Easy to Clean?
  4. Are Andersen Windows Energy-Efficient?
  5. How Much Do Andersen Windows Cost?
  6. What Is the Andersen Window Warranty?
  7. What Is the Labor Warranty that Opal Will Provide to Me?
  8. Opal Is Your Local Andersen Certified Contractor

Why choose Andersen Windows? For more than 118 years, Andersen Windows has been driven to pioneer new products at higher standards. We choose Andersen because it’s a company that’s committed to crafting products that provide security and comfort to our Naperville and Des Plaines-area customers.

Since we opened our doors in 2003, Opal Enterprises has been installing Andersen windows. They’re the homeowner choice for windows because of their:

  • Longevity in the industry
  • Support
  • Choices

Gain attractive design and high-quality performance with Andersen Windows, expertly installed by Chicagoland’s trusted Andersen window replacement contractor, Opal Enterprises.

bathtub with three windows above it

A bathtub with three windows above it. Bring more enjoyment to your bathroom and every room in your house by installing quality Andersen Windows.

Why Andersen Windows Is the Choice for Professionals

When looking for the best replacement windows, talk to a professional installer and ask them the kind of replacement window they’d put into their home. More often than not, Andersen Windows would be their choice.

Andersen Windows are the professionals’ choice for windows because of their:

Longevity in the Industry

Andersen has been creating quality windows since 1903. As a result, our entire team visited the Andersen Window factory and saw that quality first hand. There, we were shown how the window industry progressed and learned how Andersen has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. 

We believe Andersen will continue to be the most homeowner-preferred and trusted windows company for years to come. They continue to inspire and produce different and better products that are both beautiful and sustainable. Andersen’s historical impact is one of the many reasons we are proud to offer their windows in our window installation service

kitchen with window

A kitchen with a window. Bring in the outdoors to your kitchen space with Andersen Windows.

Support of Partner Contractors

The support that the Andersen Corporation offers Opal Enterprises as their partner benefits you as a homeowner. We are confident in the reliability of the brand and the value it can add to your project.

Choosing an Andersen window means you can feel confident the product will perform to its intended specifications and that an Andersen Certified Contractor installed it.

Our installers went through Andersen’s factory training course to ensure our team is confident in the most vital aspects of Andersen’s techniques, guidelines, and future recommendations. 

Opal contractors are thoroughly supported by a dedicated business team at Andersen Windows and have access to their entire line of premium products. As a result, you can trust your windows will be installed correctly every time for long-lasting performance.

bedroom with white custom windows

A bedroom with while custom windows. Andersen Windows provides everything you need to beautify and update every room in your house.

Choices for Any Style Home

The Andersen Brand has many lines to ensure you get the functionality and comfort you need for your homes. When choosing your Andersen replacement windows, you can rest assured they’ll have something to match your home’s architectural style, including:

  • Awning: Andersen 100 series awning windows are perfect for ventilating your attic and basement. 
  • Bay: Bay windows are a stunning choice that brings in plenty of natural light.
  • Casement: Casement windows swing outward and, when closed, are the perfect choice for windy locations. The heavy wind pushes against the window, helping it seal against the harsh elements.
  • Gliding: An excellent choice for patios or decks.
  • Picture: Picture windows provide a great view of the outdoors and are ideal for brightening up a living or family room.
  • Specialty windows: Andersen offers windows in various unique sizes and shapes to liven up your house with bold accents.

As soon as you choose your window style, you can select Andersen Series windows that are right for your home: 

  • E-Series: E-Series are premium windows classically inspired and constructed of wood interior and aluminum exterior.

  • A-Series: A-Series windows are also premium windows constructed of wood interiors and composite exterior. They’re available in 11 standard colors that can provide an immediate update to your home.

  • 400 Series: These energy-efficient windows are made from wood interior and vinyl exterior. You never have to worry about painting them because of their Perma-Shield exterior.
  • 200 Series: Andersen’s best-selling and most popular brand comprises a vinyl exterior and a wood interior and provides excellent value for the money.
  • 100 Series: 100 Series windows, made from Andersen’s Fibrex composite blend of reclaimed thermoplastic polymer and reclaimed wood fiber. These well-built windows can stand up to any Illinois weather and will last a lifetime.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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What Is the Maintenance Required on Andersen Windows?

While each window line has its own specific care and maintenance manuals, all window care is somewhat similar:

  • Staining: Use a high-quality oil-based stain or paint. We custom finish your windows for you if you choose this option. 
  • Lacquer: After staining or painting, frame surfaces should be finished with a quality, conventional lacquer polyurethane. 
  • Interiors: The interiors must be finished immediately after installation. However, we finish the interiors before installation to prevent fumes and smells in your home.
  • Protect unfinished wood: Do not expose your unfinished wood to moisture, excessive heat, or humidity. 
  • Cleaning: Always use a mild detergent, water, soft cloth, or a soft brush. 
  • Avoid bright sun: Never clean your Andersen glass in direct sunlight.

Are Andersen Windows Easy to Clean?

Yes, they are. Double-hung windows made by Andersen are built so that you can operate both sashes from inside your home and tilt in each for easy cleaning. The exception is on the 100 Series single-hung windows as only one sash operates.

Casement windows crank open to allow broad access for simplified cleaning. However, picture windows don’t operate this way and must be cleaned from inside or outside your home.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Are Andersen Windows Energy-Efficient?

Andersen windows are some of the most energy-efficient windows on the market. This is because their products rely heavily on wood and wood composite materials, which are natural insulators against heat loss. 

The solid construction of Andersen’s double- and triple-paned windows also shields your home against outside temperatures. The space between the panes of glass contains argon or krypton, gasses that are sealed in to prevent thermal transfer from one side of the window to the other.

Andersen’s EnergyStar certified windows offer special glass options that you can add to help keep their U-Values low. The lower the U-Value of a window, the more energy-efficient it will be. These optional coatings include:

  • Low-E and Low-E4® glass: Reflects heat to keep it from passing through your windows
  • PassiveSun® glass: Harnesses the warmth of the sun to help heat your home in the winter
  • HeatLock® technology: Reflects interior heat from your furnace or fireplace to keep it from escaping through your windows

How Much Do Andersen Windows Cost?

The cost of your project will depend on several factors, including: 

  • Size of the window
  • Type of installation chosen (for example, pocket replacement or complete construction)
  • Accessories
  • Hardware
  • Interior finishes
  • Glass type

While budgeting for new higher-end windows, here is what you can plan for:

  • Fiberglass insert windows: $800
  • Fiberglass full construction windows: $1,100
  • Wood interior windows: $1,100

Please note these are average starting prices. When your estimator arrives at your home and talks to you about your remodeling goals, they’ll offer you an exact quote based on your remodeling desires. For example, window grid options and other stylistic choices can also influence the final cost.

What Is the Andersen Window Warranty?

Each window line in the Andersen family comes with specific warranty documents that we will provide to you. Visit Andersen’s website to register your windows with them. 

While replacement parts are covered within the warranty, inspection fees and labor often have associated costs. Additionally, all Andersen windows have a 20-year glass warranty.

Finally, all Andersen windows frames have a 10-year warranty on frames and components. (Brass and nickel hardware plus retractable screens are excluded from this warranty.)

What Is the Labor Warranty that Opal Will Provide to Me?

Opal Enterprises will provide you with a lifetime labor warranty when we install your Andersen windows. We are confident in our knowledge and workmanship, so we are willing to stand behind it for as long as you own your windows.

You can rest assured knowing that you won’t have to deal with non-functional windows or uncomfortably warm or cold rooms after we leave. However, if you experience any issues related to your windows installation, simply fill out our service request form to let us know so that we can make it right.

Opal Is Your Local Andersen Certified Contractor

Visit the Opal Enterprises showroom to try out the Andersen windows we offer and see the difference for yourself. But no matter what brand of windows you choose for your home, we will be there to help from conception to installation and beyond. 

Contact us today to arrange for your personalized window design consultation. We will walk you through your options and help you select windows that fit both your style and your budget.