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Grids: Between-the-Glass or Mounted, What Is the Difference?



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  1. To Have Grilles or Not to Have Grilles
  2. Grilles Inside the Glass Planes
  3. Grilles Mounted Outside the Glass
  4. Types of Grilles  
  5. Opal Enterprises Window Options 

Curb appeal and the aesthetic of your home are significant factors in your daily life. Your home’s windows are how you look out on the world and how much the world can see into your home. If you have a particular look you are going for in your home, you will want more than a plain window. 

There is an option to add grilles (grids) to your window panes. These grilles are decorative bars that add a unique design to your window. You will have a distinct look that your neighbors do not. There are several options for window grilles, including external mounts and between-the-glass. 

To Have Grilles or Not to Have Grilles

Whether you should install grilles on your Des Plaines area home is a personal and aesthetic choice. A grille is a beautiful addition to your space and comes in various patterns and energy-efficient options. 

The addition of a grille will change your entire home. In older homes, window grids held multi-paned windows together. Essentially, the window became sturdier. In more modern homes, the choice to install a grille is solely aesthetic to enhance curb appeal. Most modern aesthetics do not have any grids. 

Consider the following when deciding whether to add grilles or not:

  • Are you replacing one or all of your windows?
  • The size and type of window you will add the grille to 
  • How will the color match the rest of your home

You will need a window expert to help you find the best window grid option for your home. Opal Enterprises is just the expert to call. 

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Grilles Inside the Glass Planes

Grilles inside the glass planes are more cost-effective. They are also easier to clean and access than grilles mounted outside the glass.  

Grilles Mounted Outside the Glass

Grilles mounted outside the glass are often more expensive. They offer a classic look and are seen in older-styled homes. 

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Types of Grilles  

Once you have decided to install a grille on your windows, you must choose a grille type. These include:

  • Full divided light: This grille type is applied to the interior and exterior of the window. 
  • Simulated divided light: These grille dividers are found on the window’s exterior. 
  • Removable interior grille: As the name suggests, these are removable internal window grilles. 
  • Finelight™ grilles between the glass: These grilles are found between the glass, neither on the exterior nor interior. You can access the pane from either side of the window. 
  • Finelight™ between the glass with exterior grilles: This option features a permanent grille on the exterior of the window but allows access from the interior.  

There is also a range of grid patterns you can choose from, including:

  • Colonial 
  • Prairie
  • Diamond
  • Specified equal light 
  • Short fractional 
  • Tall fractional 

Opal Enterprises Window Options 

Opal Enterprises has nearly two decades in the window business. We know the solutions customers are looking for in their windows. We work with very few vendors because quality is of the utmost importance. 

We only offer energy-efficient and durable windows so that our customers have peace of mind. When you are ready to enhance your windows, contact Opal Enterprises in the Des Plaines area to get started today.