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What Are My Bay Window Roofing Options?

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  1. The Importance of Proper Bay Window Roofing Materials
  2. Timberline Offers Three Kinds Of Shingles
  3. Metal Roofing Designed For Architectural Use

Bay windows are one of the most attractive and functional ways you can upgrade the appearance of your home because it’s relatively inexpensive and gives you lots of bang for your buck both inside and outside of your home.

The Importance of Proper Bay Window Roofing Materials

Because bay windows pop out from your home’s exterior walls for a more dimensional effect, they are more exposed to the elements. They aren’t sheltered by the eaves or protected by the main roof of your house. If you have noticed damage, our experts can help determine the best course of action, be that roof repair or replacement.

The top needs to be covered with weather-tight materials, and Opal Enterprises offers homeowners several beautiful choices. Be sure to discuss materials and style with your contractor before having your new bay window roofing installed to ensure that you end up with one that is not only beautiful but also durable and energy efficient.

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Timberline Offers Three Kinds Of Shingles

  Timberline offers a variety of lovely shingle options that will protect your windows while looking great. Their Designer Series give you the look of custom, wood shakes without the hassle of real wood. They last for years and are backed by premium grade underlay to prevent leaks or ice dams from damaging your home’s interior. They also offer Cool Series shingles that reflect light to reduce heat build-up and minimize your home’s heating costs. Installed on bay windows, they prevent drafts and cold spots. If you live in an area where tornados or other natural disasters could cause damage from flying debris, Timberline’s Armour Shield series is highly impact resistant, making them ideal for bay windows like yours.

Metal Roofing Designed For Architectural Use

Architectural elements such as bay windows usually have a fairly high slope that demands metal roofing that can shed water. That is, the water is channelled away from the upper edge and down over the edge so that the moisture can’t pool or stagnate, leading to problems with seepage or chronic dampness. They have overlapping seams that prevent moisture from soaking through to the decking and come in a wide range of styles and colors that mimic materials such as shingles, shakes, tile and slate. In some instances, the slope of roofing may be more shallow than normal, particularly if the curve of the bay is long and shallow.