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Choosing The Right Grille For Your Windows, No Matter What Your Home’s Style

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Window Grilles for Replacement WindowsWhether you’re choosing custom-made windows or you selecting some that are ready-made, there are quite a few decisions that you need to make. One of the biggest decisions is whether you’re going to have vinyl, fiberglass or wood-clad windows, but homeowners also need to choose what style of grille they want. The style of grille that’s appropriate for a home’s windows greatly depends on the style and type of home, so use this guide to help determine which is the right grille for your house.

A common question that we hear from our customers is can you mix window styles in a home? And to that, we say, yes! In fact, we encourage you to do it as it will give your home a unique look and make it stand out from the rest of the homes on your street. Even though we discuss what type of window grilles work best for each home style in this post, feel free to use it as inspiration to mix and match your window grilles.

What Type Of Windows For A Colonial Or Cape Cod Style Home?

If you have a Colonial or Cape Cod style house, your windows are probably made up of individual panes or simulated-divided -lights of glass separated by muntins — that is, small strips of wood or metal that hold the panes in place or mimic the look of individual panes of glass. These muntins may also be called grilles, grids, glazing bars or muntin bars so if you hear a different term, you’ll know that these are all referring to the same thing. Windows in a Colonial or Cape home are typically double hung, which means they’ll open from the top or the bottom to provide adequate ventilation for a home.

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What Type Of Windows For A Modern Home?

As the look of the modern American home has evolved, so have window styles. The windows used in these home types are simple, large pieces of glass without any grilles. This provides the home with a modern, clean, sleek look that homeowners can appreciate.

What Type Of Windows For A Victorian Home?

Whether your home was built in the Victorian era or it’s just a Victorian style home, your windows will be quite distinctive. These options can include diamond-patterned grids and a focus is on decorative touches, such as colored glass accents and fanlights over the windows to allow more natural light to enter the room.

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What Type Of Windows For A Farmhouse?

A farmhouse style home is built for simplicity and function, and complementary window styles meet these requirements perfectly. They’re made out of two panes of glass that are divided by a muntin on both the top and the bottom of the window sash. They’re usually double hung, which means they can be opened from either the top of the bottom to maximize air flow throughout the room.

What Type Of Windows For A Prairie Style Home?

Casement windows are popular for a prairie style home. These windows have a hinge on the side and open with a crank. They’re typically vertical and the entire window opens to provide full ventilation to the room. Many windows in a prairie style home are plain, but they can have a grid pattern along the sides.

What Type Of Windows For A Craftsman Home?

Some windows on a Craftsman home are just for looks — they won’t open. However, the functional windows will usually be a combination of full pane windows on the bottom, with divided panes at the top. They’re usually double hung so they can be opened from top or bottom.

What Type Of Windows For A Tudor Home

There are a few traditional window choices for a Tudor style home. These include casement windows with six to eight individual panes and double hung windows with a pattern on the top section. It’s not uncommon to see decorative touches, such as a diamond-patterned grid to add visual interest.   No matter what type of windows you choose for your home, make sure you’re matching your home’s existing style. This will help add interest and pull your home’s look together, no matter what style it is.