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Windows Don’t Have to Match: Mixing It Up With Complimentary Styles



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  1. Identify the Main Purpose of Your Window
  2. Your Windows Should Reflect Your Home’s Architectural Style
  3. Exploring Your Window Options
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It can become overwhelming when trying to decide what kind of windows you want in your home. If you’ve been asking friends to help you choose, you might have heard it’s important to remain consistent with your window choices. This may only be half true.

While you probably want to stay within a specific style range, no rule says you can’t vary those styles from room to room or even within a single room. In fact, utilizing different sizes and types can help you tailor each of your windows to the unique needs of the room it’s in.

craftsman-style home with various window sizes and shapes

A Craftsman-style home with various window sizes and shapes. Mixing complementary window styles such as picture, bay, and casement windows can help create a dramatic aesthetic appeal in your home.

Identify the Main Purpose of Your Window

Unless you’ve already had a window replacement or had your home custom-built, you likely had no say in selecting your window style. The builders may have given little attention to the way the homeowner would use the windows. They were probably installed as the most straightforward selection for the design of your home.

When mixing and matching window styles throughout your home or in a single room, consider the purpose of the window:

  • Better natural light: Consider bow or bay windows that extend beyond your home’s outer wall to allow sunlight to enter from various directions.
  • Improved ventilation: You may choose double-hung windows with two sashes, so you allow warm air to escape out the top while bringing in a cool breeze at the bottom.
  • Less encroachment on outdoor spaces: If your window is near a walkway or outdoor entertaining space, select windows that glide within their frames to prevent them from interfering with those areas
  • More energy efficient: If a particular part of your house faces the wind or sun, you may want a fixed picture window or another type with a tight air seal to boost energy efficiency.
  • Simplified maintenance and cleaning: When choosing windows for your second story or hard-to-reach locations, you may consider a double-hung window that tilts into your home to allow you to easily clean the exterior surface.

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Your Windows Should Reflect Your Home’s Architectural Style

It’s essential to choose windows for how they will function within your home; however, you have the option of matching your selection with your home’s architectural style. Take your time browsing through the numerous window types until you find the perfect match. For example:

A Modern Style Calls for Sleek Windows

Is your home sleek and modern, with few embellishments? If so, you’ll probably want windows that replicate this style. Casement window replacements are an excellent choice because they lack the individual panes usually found in traditional saltbox and colonial homes.

Casement styles are typically elegant and minimalist, and the smooth expanse of glass gives you an uninterrupted outdoor view. However, because these windows are taller than wide and open out rather than up, there are areas in your home where they may not be practical.

Consider a picture window to improve the view from your living room. It has a sleek look you get with a casement but gives you a larger viewing area. Note that these windows don’t open. So, to add ventilation, consider flanking your picture window with narrow casements.

Traditional Homes Have a Variety of Options

Colonial, saltbox, and other traditional-style homes have plenty of options that correspond with each architectural style while still offering various ways to express yourself.

The most popular windows for traditional houses are double-hung windows with a sash that slides up and down. These come in a variety of colors for your interior and exterior trim, permitting you to color match your décor.

Additionally, most styles have grilles that subdivide up each glass pane into smaller areas to provide windows a traditional, hand-crafted look many homeowners love.

However, you can have windows of varying shapes and sizes throughout your home while maintaining a historical look. For instance:

  • If placed up high, a row of three smaller windows can let light into your bathroom without disrupting your privacy
  • Larger double-hung windows installed in your dining room and kitchen allow for a more significant view and a boost in air circulation
  • Windows with black trim can add a fresh look without taking away from your home’s overall sense of tradition
  • A single contemporary accent window over a door or overlooking a porch or patio can complement this classic style

Craftsman-Style Homes Highlight Natural Materials

The Craftsman architectural style is recognizable because of its low roofline, dormer windows, and expansive front porches. Additionally, the predominance of natural building materials like stone, wood, and brick makes them a favorite among contemporary builders.

Although rectangular casement and double-hung windows are the most popular choice for a Craftsman-style home, other window styles lend themselves well to this design as well. For example, consider:

  • An eyebrow-shaped window with a flat bottom and rounded top for the upstairs dormers
  • Small square-shaped windows on the second floor provide additional light
  • Transom windows above the doors and larger windows
  • One or two awning windows for a dramatic variation on the traditional look
  • Windows with decorative grilles forming a grid or diamond-shaped pattern over the glass

Natural wood windows are the perfect complement to the Craftsman design, and they come in a variety of finishes and colors which allow you to express your unique style.

While windows installation is not particularly difficult, it is crucial to adapt the process to the type of window. A contractor can ensure that the piece is properly fitted and sealed.

Exploring Your Window Options

The range of styles for windows at Opal Enterprises has never been greater. Your windows can be constructed from many materials, plus different finishes for the exterior and interior trim and a whole range of shapes and sizes.

If you want to use new windows to add a dramatic touch, talk to one of our professionals. They’ve been performing window replacements for years and can help you choose the best windows to create a striking design for your home.

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If you reside in the Chicagoland area or surrounding suburbs, visit one of Opal Enterprises‘ conveniently located showrooms. Our design experts are ready to answer your questions and provide guidance as you explore the many options for mixing and matching complementary window styles in your home.

Contact us today to schedule your free window design consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss the many beautiful window options available and help you design the home of your dreams.