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How Do I Know If I Need New Windows?

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need-new-windowsIf you’re thinking about installing new windows, how do you know if you have the time to wait or if an immediate replacement is necessary? Learn about these common reasons that call for window replacement and then call a local window company for help if you decide that new windows are right for your home.

Let Your Curtains Help You Determine Whether You Need New Windows!

If you’re trying to determine whether you need new windows, look at your curtains the next time there’s a wind gusting outside your home. Are the curtains blowing in the breeze or are they still as can be? If they’re blowing, the gust is coming from outside and indicates a leak somewhere in your window. If you don’t have curtains, you certainly could install them just to perform the test. However, there’s an easier way! Light a candle and move the flame slowly around your window. If the flame stays steady, you can be sure that your windows are airtight. If it’s moving, flickering or goes out entirely, you have a problem somewhere!

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Consider Your Energy Bills

Next, think about your energy bills. Do they seem higher than they should be? If you can, try to compare your bills with nearby homes that have similar plans (don’t try to compare your two story home with a one story ranch — the bills won’t be the same!). If your bills are significantly higher and you set your thermostat to a similar temperature, consider that you may have leaking windows. In many cases, the savings on energy bills combined with any tax credits that are available on Energy Star windows could help pay for your windows.

Do Your Windows Let In A Lot Of Noise?

If you can consistently hear a lot of noise outside, your windows could be to blame. Whether you can hear your neighbors’ children playing, neighborhood dogs barking or traffic noise, new windows can help. Newer windows are more sound proof than older models, which means you could enjoy peace and quiet in your own home without worrying about what’s going on outside your doors.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Are Your Windows More Than 15 Years Old?

Lastly, are your windows rapidly approaching 15 years old? Older windows could start to leak and these leaks could eventually let in rain and snow that can cause mold and deterioration. When this happens, you could need immediate replacement for your windows and expensive repairs to your home. Whether your curtains are blowing in the breeze, your energy bills seem excessively high, your home is noisy or your windows are more than 15 years old, contact a local Naperville or Des Plaines window replacement company to determine whether new windows would help your home.