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  1. The Choice of Professional Window Installers
  2. Andersen’s Product Lines
  3. Are They Easy to Clean?
  4. Energy Efficiency and Andersen Windows
  5. Andersen’s Warranty on Windows
  6. Visiting Our Showroom
  7. Certified Andersen Dealer in Geneva, IL

If you’re familiar with any window manufacturer in the U.S., it’s likely Andersen Windows. Why are these windows so popular and so coveted? It’s because they’re the window choice of professionals. They’re always pushing the envelope on window construction and materials.

Opal Enterprises has been installing Andersen windows since 2003, but the company has been making windows for nearly 120 years! We’re proud to offer these windows to people in Geneva, IL, and the surrounding Chicagoland area.

The Choice of Professional Window Installers

As part of our training as Andersen Dealers, our team traveled to one of their factories to see how the windows are made and how to install them properly. We could see the quality that went into their processes and got a good history lesson on why Andersen has always been at the forefront of window technology.

We know Andersen’s recommended techniques and guidelines for their line of windows and the things to look for decades later when it’s time to give them some TLC. We have access to all their premium products. And should you choose us as your Geneva, IL, Andersen window installer, you’ll know we have the expertise to do it right.

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Andersen’s Product Lines

When you’re choosing a window from a manufacturer, the first place to start is the materials and the window type you’re interested in. From there, you can narrow things down until you find the perfect window for your house. Andersen has five major product lines to choose from:

  • 100 Series Made of Fibrex composite materials (reclaimed wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer) and strong enough to withstand Illinois weather.
  • 200 Series – The most popular type, with a wood interior and a vinyl exterior.
  • 400 Series – Like the 200 series, but with more color and wood species options, as well as several specialty window types.
  • A-Series – The first of two premium lines. A-series windows have 11 standard exterior colors, six wood species, and several interior colors to choose from. Wood interior and composite exterior.
  • E-series – The top end of the Andersen Window line of products. Wood interior, aluminum exterior, and everything can be customized, from wood species to even anodized aluminum.

Are They Easy to Clean?

Yes, they are! All double-hung windows let you move and tilt both sashes to clean them easily. However, some window types do require exterior cleaning because of the nature of the window, like the single-hung windows in Andersen’s 100 Series or large picture windows that have no sashes.

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Energy Efficiency and Andersen Windows

It’s hard to find a manufacturer with better energy efficiency than Andersen. They prefer to use wood and wood-based composites because they are natural insulators, and most of their windows are double- or triple-paned.

Andersen also has coatings that can lower the U-value, or the rate of energy transfer, through your windows. For Illinois, PassiveSun glass can retain the sun’s heat during winter, and Andersen’s HeatLock technology can reflect interior heat back into the home to reduce heat loss.

Optimize the energy efficiency of your home in Geneva with Andersen Windows.

Andersen’s Warranty on Windows

There’s no doubting the quality once you’ve seen one, but are they worth the investment? Yes. Andersen’s windows have a 20-year glass warranty and a 10-year warranty on frames and components. Plus, if we install your windows, you’re covered by our Lifetime Labor Warranty.

If you’re worried about damage over time, we can go over the details of the warranty with you and what you’ll need to do to make a claim, either for our own warranty or Andersen’s.

Visiting Our Showroom

The best way to see what Andersen windows are like is to visit one of our two showrooms. One is located in Des Plaines at 1239 Rand Road, and the other is in Naperville at 127 Ambassador Drive.

In our storeroom, we have fully assembled Andersen windows you can test before you buy, as well as cross-sections to show the technology. You can also see all our other products, like front and patio doors. If Andersen isn’t the brand for you, we have displays of our other window partners as well.

Certified Andersen Dealer in Geneva, IL

Opal Enterprises is your Certified Andersen Dealer in Geneva. We can order windows straight from the manufacturer. Our team has the experience to install your windows efficiently and with know-how directly from Andersen.

Contact us to schedule a consultation about your window project. Whether you need a repair, a replacement, or have a new home that needs the best windows on the market, our team can help you. You let us know your vision and budget, and we’ll come up with a plan for your Andersen window installation in Geneva, IL.