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What Are Energy Star Ratings for Windows?

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As a Plainfield, IL, homeowner, you likely have a lot of questions when the time comes to replace your windows. One of the most common questions we get from homeowners centers around Energy Star Ratings. Are the windows we sell properly rated for energy efficiency? 

Energy Star issues ratings for various products, including windows. If your windows don’t have the Energy Star seal on them, they haven’t been properly rated for energy efficiency.

What Are the Benefits of Energy Star Rated Windows and Doors?

There is a myriad of benefits homeowners receive when they purchase windows or doors that have been issued Energy Star Ratings. Those benefits can be found below.

A Comfortable Living Space

When you install Energy Star windows and doors, your home will offer a comfortable living space for everyone, including your pets. No longer will you have to worry about the cold creeping into the home in the winter or hot air seeping in during the summer. 

You will even be able to sit directly next to a window in the brutal cold months in Plainfield, IL, if you have Energy Star products installed in your home.

If your home has a room you always avoid during the summer months because it typically has a sweltering temperature despite having the air conditioning on, Energy Star Rated windows can help reduce the temperature in that room. 

An added benefit is that the heat is reduced without reducing the amount of light that is filtered into the room. You can still get the amount of light you are accustomed to getting without dealing with the oppressive temperature.

Save Money on Your Utility Bills and Protect the Environment

Energy Star products can help homeowners save money on their utility bills. On top of saving money, which can make budgeting much easier, Energy Star products help to reduce emissions. Reduced emissions help save the environment.

According to estimates from Energy Star, you can save an average of $101-$583 per year on your utility bills when you replace your single-pane windows with Energy Star Rated windows. If you replace double-pane, clear glass windows with Energy Star Rated windows, you can save an average of $27-$197 per year on your utility bills.

When it comes to protecting the environment, you can prevent on average 1,006–6,205 pounds of CO₂, which is equivalent to 51 to 317 gallons of gasoline, from entering the atmosphere each year when you replace single-pane windows with Energy Star Rated windows. 

You can prevent on average 246–2,001 pounds of CO₂, which is equivalent to 13 to 102 gallons of gasoline, from entering the atmosphere each year when you replace double-pane, clear glass windows with Energy Star Rated windows.

Certified to Perform Correctly

When you have an Energy Star Rated product installed in your home you can have peace of mind that it has been certified to perform correctly. Whether it is a door or window,  the performance will be sure to be effective from the minute it is installed until it is replaced years down the road.

Protect Your Items From Harmful Rays of the Sun

Energy Star Rated items can also help protect your items from the harmful rays of the sun in Plainfield, IL. Windows and doors with Energy Star ratings feature low-emissivity coatings that protect clothing, furniture, carpet, painted walls, and flooring from fading due to the sun’s rays.

Prevent Noise From Entering Your Home

Noise pollution is real, and it can be overbearing in some areas of Illinois. If you have been struggling with noise from the outside world entering your home, it could be a sign that you need new windows installed in your Plainfield, IL, home. 

Energy Star Rated windows and doors can help prevent noise from entering your home. These windows have multiple layers of glass insulation, reducing the amount of noise you hear inside your home from sirens, traffic, people, storms, and other noises associated with living in a crowded neighborhood.

Reduce Condensation Inside the Home

You will also be able to reduce condensation inside your home when installing Energy Star Rated windows and doors.  If you’ve noticed condensation on the interior of your windows during the winter months, your windows need to be replaced. Condensation can lead to mold and mildew growth inside the home, which is bad for the health of everyone in the home.

Save Money on HVAC Systems

When you have Energy Star Rated windows and doors in your home, you will be able to save money on the HVAC systems you operate. Energy-efficient windows and doors help reduce the strain placed on your air conditioning and heating units since they won’t have to run as often or as long during their respective seasons.

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When Is the Best Time of Year for Window Replacement?

If you have decided that you need the windows replaced in your Plainfield, IL, home, you need to schedule the project for the right time of year. Replacing windows in the dead of winter is never recommended, but Opal Exteriors can still do it if you choose. 

Should you require window replacement in the winter, we will work room by room, sealing off that room from the rest of the house to limit the amount of cold air that enters the structure.

If at all possible, the best time of year to replace windows is when the weather is warmer. The spring, summer, and fall months mark the best time of year to replace the windows in your Plainfield, IL, home.

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We only install windows and doors that are Energy Star Rated so that you receive the best return on investment for your money.

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