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Are you ready to install a new patio door but aren’t sure how to kick off the process? While you can install a patio door on your own, it’s often easier to get the job done when you have a professional on your side. When in doubt, you can call on Opal Enterprises to help you not only install a patio door but shop for the door that best suits your home.

Opal Enterprises’ experienced door installation team has years of experience under its belt. We can assess your home’s needs and recommend patio doors that suit your home’s aesthetic appearance without compromising your monthly energy bill. We also offer installation warranties, ensuring that you can call on our team again if a door isn’t up to your liking.

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Best Materials for a Patio Door

There are several types of sliding doors available on the market today, from sliding patio doors to hinged and single units. You can work with a professional to determine which of these doors might suit the threshold of your home. 

You can additionally determine what kind of material you want your style of door to be made out of. Some of the best materials available include the following:


Vinyl patio doors are among the most low-maintenance doors available on the commercial market. These doors are ideal for preventing moisture from getting into your home, effectively protecting your property from unwanted mold infestations. What’s more, you can count on a vinyl door to help your home retain its heat or cooling, depending on the season.


Fiberglass doors boast a particular durability that makes them the perfect units to stand up to rust. What’s more, you can customize your fiberglass with ease. This makes it easier than ever to match a fiberglass door to the rest of your home.


Wood doors rank among the most common patio doors in use today. You can work with professionals to stain a wood patio door so that it matches the rest of your home. You can then count on a wood door to stand up to heavy wind and long-term wear.

That said, wood doors aren’t ideal for homes built in humid environments. Even if you carefully treat a wooden door, heavy rain and humidity can warp the wood, ruining your seal.

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The Perks of Working With Installation Professionals

Many property owners think that a DIY patio door installation may save them money in the long run. While it’s true that a property owner can replace a patio door on their own, doing so can have its downsides. 

That’s why Opal Enterprises recommends that property owners work with experienced professionals prior to a patio door installation. Professionals can help property owners like you visualize your new patio door and plan out its installation. We then take on the installation process for you, allowing you to address your other responsibilities while the job gets done.

Professionally-Installed Patio Doors Better Protect Your Space

If you’ve never installed a patio door before, there’s a chance that you may leave gaps between your threshold and the door itself. Those gaps can endanger your home on several different levels. First and foremost, they can make your door less secure, leaving you open to robberies or even animal infestations.

What’s more, that gap can see your energy bills rapidly increase. You need a patio door that maintains a seal between your home and the great outdoors. Without that seal, you may end up heating or cooling your backyard instead of your house.

Finally, if you improperly install a patio door, you may have to pay to have the door removed and replaced. When you work with professionals the first time around, you can avoid these replacement costs and prevent the damage that might stem from an improperly installed door.

Installing Versus Replacing a Patio Door

The process of installing a patio door looks functionally identical to the process of replacing an older door. If you invest in consistent patio door maintenance and upkeep, you can delay the replacement process for several years after an initial installation.

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While DIY patio door installations are well and good, they can actively reduce the value of your home while costing you far more money than they should. If you want to reap the benefits of a quick and long-lasting installation, call on the professionals. Opal Enterprises can help you find and install a patio door with little to no fuss!

Our team can help you visualize what your new door might look like long before we purchase the materials needed to complete an installation. You can schedule a consultation with our team, during which we can discuss your budget and door goals as well as our experience. 

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