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Caring for Your New Sliding Doors in Bolingbrook, IL

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  1. Keep the Tracks Free From Debris
  2. Clean the Glass
  3. Wipe the Frame Down
  4. Add Lubrication to the Tracks
  5. Check the Alignment of the Door Panels
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As a homeowner, there are just some features of your home that you can’t see yourself living without in Bolingbrook, IL. For many homeowners, one of those features would be sliding doors. Sliding doors do more than help the home look outstanding; they also help reduce the energy needed to heat or cool a home. 

If you already have sliding doors in your home, you most likely want to make sure that they last for a long time. Here are some tips that can help you maintain your sliding doors for years to come.

Keep the Tracks Free From Debris

One of the main reasons sliding doors must be replaced is wear and tear on the rollers. The rollers are designed to glide smoothly back and forth across the track. Unfortunately, dirt and debris inside the tracks prevent rollers from moving efficiently. 

To remove debris from the tracks, you can use a hose attachment from a vacuum. After removing the debris, you can take a damp cloth and wipe the track down.

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Clean the Glass

Another tip to help remove any dirt and debris around the tracks is to clean the glass. You can use either a small sample of soap and lukewarm water or cleaning products like Windex. Make sure that all dirt and debris that can build up in the tracks of your doors are properly cleaned and removed.

Wipe the Frame Down

Wiping your sliding door’s interior and extreme frame can help your home look more appealing and counteract weather damage. To wipe the frame down, lightly dust the frame and wipe it down with light soapy water. Make sure not to use any acidic chemicals or products. The cleaning products can cause permanent damage to your frames.

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Add Lubrication to the Tracks

Even with tracks that are free from debris, rollers are at risk of becoming stuck and uneasy about the opening from constantly being opened. Once the tracks have been appropriately cleaned and all debris has been removed, you can add lubrication to the tracks to help them remain easy to use. 

Make sure to review what type of sliding tracks you possess. If you have aluminum sliding tracks, your tracks will not rust, making lubrication unnecessary. All you would be responsible for is keeping them free from dirt and debris.

Check the Alignment of the Door Panels

Constantly opening or slamming the sliding door can cause it to fall out of alignment. Built-up dirt and debris can also cause the rollers to fall out of alignment. You can readjust the rollers or remove the sliding door entirely and set it straight again to realign the sliding door.

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