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  1. What's Fibrex® Made Out of?
  2. What Makes Fibrex® Special?
  3. Why does Opal Love Andersen Fibrex®?
  4. Fibrex® Products Pros and Cons
  5. Visit Opal and Choose Andersen Fibrex® As Your 100% Composite Window

Choosing the right replacement window is a complex decision with a world of options. After many years of installing windows and working with various brands, we’ve hand-selected the windows that are best for the job.

Today’s most popular material choices for replacement windows include vinyl and a composite window by Andersen Windows & Doors, known as the Fibrex® 100 Series. This revolutionary window is durable and strong, making it our choice for composite window installations.

What’s Fibrex® Made Out of?

The Andersen 100 Series line and patio doors are constructed of 100% Fibrex® composite material. Andersen spent years tirelessly testing and developing this revolutionary material made of eco-friendly and robust materials.

Fibrex® is composed of:

  • 60% partially reclaimed by weight thermoplastic polymer coating
  • 40% wood fiber by weight, mostly reclaimed from Andersen’s window and door manufacturing processes
  • A customer’s choice of paint or wood finishing material

This potent combination helps Fibrex® block thermal transfer almost 700 times better than aluminum to assist in decreasing cooling and heating bills. Our Andersen window installation Arlington Heights contractors can install Fibrex® replacements in your home, so you don’t have to worry about any more high energy bills.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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What Makes Fibrex® Special?

Composite materials have many benefits. They’re generally affordable, durable, low-maintenance, and seamlessly framed. Andersen’s Fibrex® material stands out to us for its superior performance and eco-friendliness!

Andersen’s Fibrex® composite products are among the most advanced window technologies available. Their durability helps them protect your home from the most extreme Illinois weather conditions.

They’re also different from most composite products because they’re completely customizable with your choice of hardware and grille patterns. Additionally, they can be sanded and painted in your choice of exterior and interior color combinations, much like wood.


Andersen Fibrex  

Why does Opal Love Andersen Fibrex®?

We love Fibrex® because they’ve lasted the test of time, and they make our customers happy. Our goal is to deliver a wonderful remodeling experience, so this means installing the best products.

We recommend Andersen 100 Series for replacement windows and trust them to improve the homes we renovate. In addition, they come in a wide variety of color and style options to suit just about any home design.

One of the great things about the color options is that they are premixed with the composite itself. So, while they can be custom painted any color, the Andersen pre-finishing lasts a lifetime!

Here Are a Few of the Features That Make Fibrex® Stand Out

Opal didn’t choose Fibrex® as their composite window of choice overnight. This durably crafted product is equipped with features that make it stand out among the competition. Fibrex® is a premium composite product that:

  • Withstands extreme temperatures.
  • It is two times stronger than vinyl windows, retaining rigidity in every climate.
  • Energy efficient
  • Has smooth corners.
  • Weathertight seals remain weathertight.
  • Green Seal certified.
  • Low VOC emissions.
  • No painting or wood preservative treatments are required.
  • Backed by Andersen with one of the best warranties in the industry

A one-of-a-kind fabrication process that combines pigment with the Fibrex® frame materials during production for true beauty that lasts.

Window Frames that Work for You

Andersen Fibrex® windows provide notable advantages when it comes to sound insulation and ease of care. Their dense fiberglass construction is highly effective at blocking outside noises like traffic, parties next door, and other typical sounds. Homeowners appreciate the peaceful indoor environment it creates.

At the same time, Fibrex® requires virtually no maintenance over the lifespan of a home. They won’t crack, rot, split, or swell with changes in humidity like wood windows. Andersen pioneered an advanced finishing system that protects the fiberglass substrate from the elements, too.

There are no surfaces to paint, no hardware to lubricate, and no moving parts to repair. Fibrex® won’t absorb moisture or be compromised by wood-boring insects either.

Overall, they’re carefree once installed. Homeowners save substantial time and money by avoiding the repairs and refinishing that typical materials demand every few years. With Fibrex®, you can rest assured they have invested in a solution built to last with minimal lifecycle costs.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Fibrex® Products Pros and Cons

There are significant advantages to choosing this window style over materials like vinyl. A few of their benefits include:

  • Sturdiness: Because Fibrex® is decay resistant and contracts very little, they perform well in Chicagoland’s dry winters and humid summers.
  • Eco-friendly: Because Andersen’s Fibrex® is made from reclaimed materials, they are the best choice for environmentally conscious customers.
  • Long lifespan: Andersen composite products have a lengthy 35-year lifespan versus 20 years for vinyl windows.

To decide if Fibrex® is the best choice for you, it’s essential to look at their disadvantages. Fibrex® cons are few and far between; however, composite window installation and cost should be considered.

  • Cost more: Brand recognition and quality carry a premium; however, Fibrex® composite materials perform better than other windows, including vinyl. Additionally, unlike Fibrex®, vinyl is produced by many companies, meaning the quality can vary from one manufacturer to the next.
  • Product distribution: Because Andersen only manufactures Fibrex® products, if there are production issues or strong demand, you may have to wait longer for them to be installed than you would with common materials like vinyl.
  • An exclusive product: Because Andersen exclusively manufactures Fibrex®, you need to be wary about where you purchase them and the experience of the company installing them. Improper installation can cause you to miss the energy benefits of your new replacement windows. Opal Enterprises can install your Fibrex® 100 windows. Our installation crews have been factory-trained by Andersen to put in your new wood windows perfectly the first time.

Visit Opal and Choose Andersen Fibrex® As Your 100% Composite Window

Are you interested in getting replacement windows from our team? We serve the west and south suburbs of Chicagoland. Stop by our Des Plaines or Naperville showroom, where you can see and experience Andersen Fibrex® firsthand!

You can also look at our project examples map for installations we’ve done in your area, including Andersen 100 Series windows. Contact us for more information or schedule a free consultation.