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Selecting the Right Color for My Windows

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When renovating a home’s windows, many fun decisions are to be made. You can choose from various frames, panes, and designs to give your home the look and feel of your dreams. Another critical decision that is fun to decide is the type of color for your windows. 

The color you choose for your window frames can help to create a significant effect on your home. How can you decide which color the right color for your windows is? Here are some tips to keep in mind for your Geneva, IL, home.

Decide What Look You Want for Your House

To help complement your home, you want to keep in mind the particular look you want to give your home. If you’re going to provide a sleek, contemporary look to your home, you will want to select a hue identical to the same color scheme of the exterior walls. 

If you want your windows to be spotlighted more, you will want to choose a color that contrasts with the color scheme of your exterior walls. If you want the frame color to match the color scheme of the exterior walls, you can select the same color palette.

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Think About the Environment and Location of the Home

In addition to the look, you can consider the environment and the home’s location where the windows are located. If a homeowner lives somewhere warm and sunny, light colors would be a perfect choice that would complement the environment. 

The environment and air quality also matter because some settings collect a lot of dust, grime, and other debris in the air. Homeowners must remember that very light and dark color palettes collect a large amount of dirt.

Consider Neutral Colors

One of the most popular color selections is neutral colors. These colors appeal to most audiences and give a more comfortable feel to any place in the home. 

Although most people think about colors like tan or beige when the word “neutral” is mentioned, there are many different shades of black, blue, and gray classified as neutral. These are the types of color schemes that you can never go wrong with adding to the home.

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Be Cautious When Following Trends

While every homeowner wants their home to look current and up-to-date, you don’t want to add a color that does not blend well with the atmosphere of your home. Windows are a home improvement project that lasts a long, long time. You want to ensure that the color you choose will complement the house for just as long.

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