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Introducing the Andersen A-Series Triple Pane Windows

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What Makes Triple Pane Windows So Energy-Efficient? What Coatings Are Available for Triple Pane Windows? Are Triple Pane Windows Worth It? Get a Free Estimate for Your New A-Series Triple Pane Windows

If you don’t already know about the Andersen A-Series triple pane window option, there’s no better time to learn. Adding a third layer of glass has made Andersen’s best-performing window line among the most efficient residential windows on the market! 

Triple pane windows have two sealed air pockets to better insulate your home against the elements. In fact, Andersen rigorously tests their A-Series windows to resist hurricane-force winds. Additionally, there are three coating options that further enhance these windows: Low-E4®, SmartSun, and HeatLock®.  

Keep out the cold this winter with Andersen triple pane A-Series windows installed by Opal Enterprises.

What Makes Triple Pane Windows So Energy-Efficient?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy,  25-30% of the energy you use heating or cooling your home is lost through your windows. No matter how well-sealed your window is, a portion of heat will escape through the glass. This is especially true if your window has only one pane. 

This process is known as thermal transfer. The heated air inside your home first warms the inside surface of your window. Then, some of that heat is transferred to the pane’s outer surface. From there, the cold exterior air absorbs and dissipates the heat.

Triple pane windows have three layers of glass. These glass layers are separated by two sealed air pockets filled with inert (non-reactive) gas that helps minimize thermal transfer. 

These spaces insulate your home, locking in the heat, making it less likely to penetrate through the outer glass layer or reach the exterior air. 

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What Coatings Are Available for Triple Pane Windows?

To further conserve energy, Andersen windows offer multiple energy-efficient coatings that can be applied to your triple pane windows. The more surfaces you have coated, the more control you will have over your home’s interior temperatures.

You can choose one, two, or all three of the following glass coating options to boost the energy efficiency of your Andersen A-Series triple pane windows:

  • Low-E4®: Low-E, or low-emissivity, windows have a coating of metallic particles that hinder the surface’s ability to transfer heat. Low-E4® windows by Andersen also contain a layer of titanium dioxide that resists dirt, water spots, and debris, making them virtually maintenance-free.
  • SmartSun: SmartSunglass also reduces thermal transfer, but it takes Low-E a step further by blocking solar heat that could drive up your summer cooling bills. This coating allows sunlight in, while still shielding you and your family against 95% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

HeatLock®: In northern climates, a HeatLock® coating added to the interior side of each glass pane further helps conserve precious warmth in the winter. Heat already in your home is reflected into the room so that less of it can transfer to outside.

For the optimal choice of coating, consult with window contractors. They will consider all of the essential factors, including climate and the building’s characteristics, and offer an informed opinion on the ideal match.

Andersen triple pane windows offer a high-quality design that ensures that your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work more to keep your home at a consistent temperature. Due to Andersen’s energy efficiency, you won’t be dealing with high energy bills every month.

Are Triple Pane Windows Worth It?

Triple pane windows are more expensive than dual pane windows, so your initial investment at the time of installation will be higher if you choose to upgrade. However, they also offer several significant advantages that could potentially lead to a net gain over time:

  • Condensation resistance: Condensation is the moisture that fogs up your windows when there is a substantial temperature difference between the inner and outer surface temperatures. Triple pane windows insulate against that temperature variation, so they are not as prone to the damage caused by condensation.
  • Increased property value: Triple pane windows will make your home more desirable to potential buyers, which could increase the sales price if you decide to sell your home. They will also give you a leg up over comparable homes in your neighborhood when you refinance.
  • Decreased heating and cooling costs: With triple pane windows, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system won’t need to constantly run to maintain your desired temperature. This could lead to substantial monthly savings on your energy bills, especially in colder climates like the Chicago area.
  • Extended HVAC lifespan: Another benefit of running your HVAC less is that it will experience less wear and tear. Homeowners with single pane or dual pane windows and overworked HVAC systems may have to replace their heating and AC units more frequently.

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