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Baked In Color And More: What To Look For When Buying House Siding

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Although color is an important consideration when purchasing house siding, it shouldn’t be the only thing homeowners think about. Smart, savvy homeowners know there are a number of other things to think about and talk over with their siding contractors around the Chicago area and Western Suburbs. If you’re considering purchasing house siding or siding systems, consider whether it has color that’s been ‘baked in,’ if the materials are produced in one facility or if a vinyl or fiber cement product is right for your home.


Fiber Cement Vs Vinyl: Which Is Right For Your Home?

Vinyl house siding is very common, but is it a good choice? While the answer is sometimes yes, it’s not always the case. Vinyl siding is susceptible to heat, which means it is vulnerable to fire or even the heat from a backyard BBQ or fire pit if it’s accidentally placed too close to the house. Vinyl siding is made out of petroleum, which means it takes away from some of the Earth’s most valuable resources. Additionally, it can crack or fade and it can be difficult to get a perfect color match if you ever need to make a repair.


Fiber cement house siding is usually a better choice for a siding installation. If you’re using one of the quality siding contractors, such as Opal Enterprises, the siding contractor can actually choose a product that’s perfectly designed for the climate in Chicago. Siding contractors in Naperville know that Chicago’s weather requires a different type of product than houses that are located in southern states like Texas, Arizona or New Mexico.


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Look For House Siding That’s Locally Made In One Facility

Smart siding contractors know there’s a benefit to working with a company that creates its products in one facility. If you’re choosing fiber cement siding, look for one that handles everything in one facility like James Hardie. James Hardie fiber cement siding is created from start to finish in the company’s manufacturing facilities and many of the raw materials are extracted and processed nearby.


This sounds great, but what are the benefits? It’s simple. If you’re interested in using house siding, choosing this type of product means that your home’s environmental impact is reduced, even before the siding is installed. If there’s no need to transport the materials to a different facility for each stage of design, valuable natural resources are preserved. Additionally, because there aren’t transportation costs attached to the final cost to siding contractors, smart contractors can pass those savings on to their customers. Opal Enterprises recently visited the James Hardie plant in nearby Peru, IL and we learned first hand the detailed care that goes into creating these products.


Choose House Siding That Comes With A Baked On Color

One more thing to consider when choosing whether a type of house siding is right for you is whether the color is baked on. Color that’s baked on can be up to 30% more fade resistant, which keeps your house looking great year after year. Siding contractors in Naperville also know that baked on color comes with a warranty that protects the homeowner from cracks, chips and peels for 15 years. Check the fine print, though. Some warranties only cover a portion of the repair. For instance, the warranty will pay for paint, but not the labor costs associated with repainting the siding.


Before selecting siding contractors, check to make sure you’re educated on the best type of house siding or the surrounding areas. Don’t settle — choose siding contractors in Naperville who are well-versed on what your home needs.