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Home Insurance Claims Procedures

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  1. Report your home claim
  2. Document the damage
  3. Protect your property
  4. Separate damaged property

If a storm has caused damage to your home, you might not be sure what to do first. Here are some guidelines for you!

Report your home claim

As soon as possible after the incident, call your insurance company to report your home claim, or report your claim online. Be sure to have your policy information handy when you call

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Document the damage

When it’s safe to do so, take photos and/or video of the damage to your property. Create a written itemized list of damage or loss to your personal belongings.

Protect your property

To prevent further damage, you may need to arrange for some temporary repairs to your home. If the temporary repairs are made prior to an insurance claims adjuster inspecting your home, call Opal Enterprises and we can help! You will want to be sure to save your receipts and keep a record of all of your temporary repair expenses.

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Separate damaged property

Do not dispose of your damaged property. Your home insurance claims adjuster will need to inspect all damaged property in order to assess your loss. Separating damaged property from undamaged property can expedite this process.


When you select Opal Enterprises as your insurance claim specialist, you be assured that you have hired the best contractor in the western suburbs of Chicago to meet with your insurance provider, and process your hail and wind damage claim in a timely and professional manner.


*One important thing to be aware of with insurance claims is that you do not want to take bids from more than three different contractors. The insurance providers pay fair market value for all material and labor involved. If you submit three estimates, and the lowest contractor bid is lower than the insurance loss total, the insurance provider will take the lowest bidder.

We believe that restoring your property to its pre-storm condition has absolutely nothing to do with the lowest bidder, in fact it will actually delay the restoration process, and create unnecessary stress and headaches. Can you image taking five, ten, maybe twenty phone calls from different contractors, then having to check each of them for proper credentials?