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What Is Versetta Stone Siding?

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The natural appeal of stone is one of the most desirable and attractive ways to upgrade the exterior of a home, with a variety of textures and colors available that add warmth and elegance. True masonry is expensive, however, particularly when many homeowners have to reinforce their foundations in order to support stone walls or spend a considerable amount of money for the time-intensive job of installing the masonry. To minimize costs, many homeowners are now choosing Versetta stone siding in Illinois. This versatile material gives you the look and feel of rock walls without the bulk or the expense. Once homeowners discover the beauty of stone panel siding in the surrounding area, they are sold on the natural way the colors blend and the rich texture of the surface. But what sets Versetta stone siding apart from older kinds of stone veneer siding? The short answer is “Quality.”

Not All Stone Siding Is The Same

Though you’ll find several manufacturers who make stone panel siding, residents prefer Versetta over other brands because it is made from genuine rock rather than a polymer or cement material that is simply stained to resemble the real thing. If you go with an inferior quality stone siding in Illinois, your home’s exterior walls could end up looking cheap and unnatural. Versetta siding is crafted out of genuine rock aggregate so that each piece of stone panel siding features the natural, weathered appeal of masonry. Because the aggregate used by Versetta is real, it will never need to be patched, painted or sealed to keep its good looks. The colors and shadings go clear through Versetta stone panel siding rather simply being applied to the surface, so it will last for decades.

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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close up of stone siding available for installation.

close up of stone siding available for installation.

Genuine Means Greater Curb Appeal

Realtors will tell you that stone siding in Illinois is highly desirable. It increases curb appeal and can easily be installed by professional home remodelers. Some real estate experts suggest adding stone panel siding to homes in order to improve the overall impression a house makes. They will also suggest you compare several brands such as Versetta so that you end up investing in the best stone veneer siding. Choosing a less expensive material could save you a bit of money now, but it could also translate to a cheaper appearance that turns future buyers away.

Only high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers when handling siding installation

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The Versatility Of Versetta Stone Siding

Because Versetta stone siding is so light in weight, it is exceptionally versatile for remodeling projects both indoors and out. You can use Versetta stone panel siding to turn a boring wall into a beautifully sculpted masterpiece or update your fireplace with softly shaded and stacked stone. Because Versetta uses lightweight stone aggregate and uniquely designed mechanical fasteners, it installs quickly and remains strong for years, giving you the ideal combination of beauty, affordability and durability. Having Versetta stone panel siding in Illinois installed on your home is an inexpensive way to add style and color that others will envy.

Stone Veneer Siding: More Than Just A Pretty Facade

Versetta siding is a non-structural material that can be installed quickly to update your home without having to wait days or weeks for a mason to complete the work. You won’t have to wait for mortar to dry, either. The mechanical fasteners used to install Versetta stone siding in Illinois attach directly to your house’s exterior, making it easy to complete the job in just a day or two.

Versetta Stone Siding is Eco-Friendly

If you’re looking for another compelling reason to improve your home’s exterior with stone panel siding, take into consideration its eco-friendly reputation. It is composed of 50% pre-consumer waste materials. Because it is a genuine, natural product, Versetta can also last decades longer than other exterior materials, minimizing the need to remodel more frequently and use additional natural resources.