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How Is The Painting Process Unique For Fiber Cement Siding By James Hardie?

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fiber cement siding wheatonHomeowners have increasingly been falling in love with the beautiful color and impressive durability of fiber cement siding by James Hardie, but some still don’t know just how unique the painting process is for this exceptional siding. Because it lasts far longer than the color does on vinyl siding or wood siding on homes, it minimizes the need for tedious maintenance and continues to look as good as new for years or even decades. So what’s behind all of that impressive durability? Their proprietary painting method.

James Hardie’s Proprietary Painting Process

Opal Enterprises has installed James Hardie on homes for years because we are convinced it is one of the best products on the market, and their unique painting process is one of the many reasons we love their product. They have stringent quality control guidelines that every length of fiber cement siding has to adhere to before it ever leaves the manufacturing facility. They use multiple layers of highly pigmented paint on every length of siding, applying it smoothly and them baking it on at high temperatures to ensure that it will last for years without fading. The multiple layers of paint also mean the color isn’t going to rub off under even the worst environmental conditions, so if you need to repair a section of your fiber cement siding by James Hardie, you’ll be able to get an excellent color match (although it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to repair this durable siding).

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High Temperature Baking Improves Durability

Baking their siding in a high temperature kiln is a technique that James Hardie has perfected in order to give consumers a high quality product that will last for years. In fact, they are so confident that it will last longer and perform better than the color on vinyl siding; they offer a fifteen-year warranty on the color! They will pay someone to repaint your home if the color doesn’t last the full length of the warranty. Siding contractors know of no other company that will make the same promise.  

Better Than Standard

  Opal Enterprises recommends James Hardie because the company’s fiber cement siding for homeowners not only meets industry standards for quality and durability, it exceeds them. The proprietary blend of paints they use will enhance your home’s beauty 30% longer and will retain their original depth and clarity of color as well. Their specialized baking process also exceeds industry standards in order to give their homeowners excellent protection from the elements year after year, including exceptional UV protection. The extreme consistency of applied color is three times as consistent as comparable paints used for painting automobiles. Our siding contractors recommend fiber cement by James Hardie for homes because it’s the same product they do or will use on their own homes. Isn’t it time you found out why for yourself? Find your perfect Siding Contractor Servin in Naperville.