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Beyond Beige: James Hardie’s Siding Color Options Abound In 2014

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Are you tired of the same old colors, same old styles, same old siding in your neighborhood? Ready to update your home’s look with new siding but not sure how to choose a product or color? Let Opal Enterprises help you!   james-hardie-siding-countrylane-red-idea-galleryOpal carries a full line of low-maintenance, high-performance James Hardie siding in a variety of colors and styles to give your home a makeover you’ll love for years to come! There’s no need to stick with the same boring colors and materials when James Hardie has so many choices.

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Siding is a fiber-cement material that looks like wood. Fiber cement siding is all-natural, non-toxic and made of renewable materials giving it several environmental advantages over vinyl or aluminum siding. It is prized for its durability and its low maintenance requirements. Although it looks like wood, it does not have the same maintenance needs as wood, requiring no more maintenance than vinyl siding.   We carry four different types of James Hardie products:

  • HardiePlank Siding looks like wood planks.
  • HardieShingle Siding resembles cedar shingles.
  • HardieTrim adds a high-quality finishing touch to your home’s soffits, fascia, gables, corner, doors and windows.
  • HardiePanel Siding is a vertical siding option that adds character to a home.


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Choosing A Color To Complement Your Home Style And Personal Preferences

The hardest decision you’ll have to make about your new James Hardie siding is what color to choose. James Hardie’s siding colors range from blues, greens, browns, yellows, greys, and even red tones too (of course, white and beige). With so many siding styles to choose from you don’t have to settle for simple horizontal planks. You can re-side your home with one color all the way around or mix and match colors and styles to draw attention to the special features of your home or to break up the monotony. The choices are endless! Even better, James Hardie uses ColorPlus Technology to ensure long-lasting, fade-resistant color even under the harshest weather.   But how to choose? It’s very easy to stick with the same color, but think long and hard about whether or not you want to do that. Most homeowners don’t get a chance to (or want to!) replace their siding more than once. Take your time to make sure you’re getting the color and style you want. Here are some tips you can use to settle on a color.

  • Notice what draws your eye in your neighborhood. Pay attention to what colors you are drawn to in the community. We have all driven by that one house that we just love. What do you like about it? Is it the color of the home? The style? Is it a color that will work on your home? Your home should be a source of pride. You want to choose a color that appeals to you and makes you feel like you’re, well…home.


  • Consider your home’s character. Some homes are historic and you may want to stick with color schemes that fit with the time period. Others are have a lot of accents that you may want to draw attention to or draw attention away from. Think about what you love about your home. Can you make that stand out with your siding choice?


  • Consider your landscaping. You want your home to stand out from your yard. If you have a very shady yard you may want to stay away from dark colors or greens. They will make the home disappear into the landscape. Light and bright colors work best in dark landscapes, but they also simply glow in the sun. Dark colors convey a sense of solidity and permanence and brighten up those long, cold days of winter.


  • Use a variation on your current color. If you want to try something new but like your current color, consider going a shade lighter or darker than what you have now. The home color won’t be too much different, but it will definitely look new.


  • Consult an architect or designer. If you want an honest, unbiased opinion consult an architect or professional designer. Even a local realtor can tell you what siding colors sell best or are most popular.


  • Think about your roof. Your siding color shouldn’t match the roof but it should complement it. Consult a color wheel to view colors that complement one another. You can find color wheels online or at paint supply stores.


  • Use an online color visualizer. James Hardie has an online Color Visualizer, which we have made available on our website. This tool lets you see the colors and siding styles on different types of homes, helping to visualize what your choice will look like on your own home.


  • Get samples. Always ask to see samples of the color you have chosen in person. Computers and brochures won’t give you a 100% accurate representation of color. Samples can even help you make up your mind. You may take one look at a sample piece and just know it’s the right color for your home.