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What Is Return On Investment? No Other Home Improvement Matches The ROI Of Fiber Cement Siding By James Hardie But WHY Is Fiber Cement Siding By James Hardie Better?

james hardie siding st charles ilThe most popular home renovation magazine on the newsstands is Remodeling, a respected publication that periodically publishes articles about which home improvements are the best and what they cost. They recently published their own evaluation of which home improvements were best for today’s homeowners based on a variety of criteria, including Return On Investment (ROI). The magazine discovered that there is a definite pattern across the country that indicates that homeowners consistently get the best ROI by investing in fiber cement siding from James Hardie. Homeowners should keep this in mind whenever they’re ready to invest in their own home improvement projects. The article also pointed out that there was a definite difference between installing fiber cement siding and vinyl siding; take this to heart when considering whether to pay a bit extra for fiber cement siding or sticking with the more traditional vinyl option.


What Is Return On Investment?


If you aren’t familiar with ROI, it can be confusing. Return On Investment is essentially a comparison of the difference between what you pay for vinyl or fiber cement siding and how much the value of your home increases once siding contractors have completed installation. While the cost of vinyl siding is less than the price of top quality fiber cement siding by James Hardie, homes have a higher increased value with the James Hardie siding. The higher price for quality materials and profession installation of fiber cement pays for itself down the line.


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No Other Home Improvement Matches The ROI Of Fiber Cement Siding By James Hardie


James Hardie fiber cement siding also beat out a number of other home improvements for top value and ROI, surpassing even the addition of a bathroom for significant return on investment. Many homeowners will see a return that could be 25% higher if they have Opal Enterprises’ siding contractors install the latest in fiber cement innovations on their homes. Fiber cement also beat out new roof installation and replacement windows for ROI, making it easier for homeowners to commit to this attractive, exterior upgrade.


But WHY Is Fiber Cement Siding By James Hardie Better?


Understand the value of investing in materials and siding contractors that will give their home greater value through the years, and fiber cement siding definitely fits the bill. Factory trained siding contractors are proud of their extensive experience and professional training and it shows in every job they do.


Just look at some of the advantages of having Opal Enterprises install fiber cement siding by James Hardie on your home:


  • A superior product that retains its color, durability and good looks for decades.
  • A warranty that protects your investment for up to fifty years.
  • Superior insulation for indoor comfort year round and lower heating and air conditioning costs.
  • Siding that is easy to maintain. You’ll never have to scrape or paint again!


While ROI can give you a good idea of what home improvements will give you a solid monetary return on your investment, there are some things that are intangible. The only true indication of whether a home improvement is worth the price is whether you are happy with the results. Our siding contractors will be happy to discuss the many advantages of fiber cement siding by James Hardie for homeowners. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate its beauty, durability and easy care as well as the impressive Return On Investment you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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